Gravesites of Stephen Jones Family

Gravesite at Prairie Grove Cemetery
Cottonwood Falls, KS

headstone of Stephen and Louisa Jones

Louisa Margaret (Barber) Jones
Wife of S.F.Jones
Born January 6, 1833 in Liberty County, Georgia
Died June 27, 1908 (75 years)

Stephen Fuqua Jones
November 6, 1826 - April 7, 1914

Stephen and Louisa married in November 1849 at
the ages of 23 and 16 years.

headstone for Loutie and Adeline Barber

Louisa "Loutie" M. (Jones) Hickman
Wife of Percy Hickman and daughter of
S.F. and Louisa Jones
Died November 20, 1894, aged 23 years, 2 months, and 24 days

Adeline Barber "Grandma"
Mother to Louisa Jones and Loutie's grandmother
Born March 27, 1813
Died November 4, 1899


Gravesite at the Jones-Dean Cemetery
Parker County, TX

Jones' grave site head stone for his two sons
Headstone for Charles and Samuel Jones

The Sons of Stephen F. and Louisa M. Jones

Charles H. Jones
Born October 28, 1859
Died September 3, 1867

Samuel E. Jones
Born April 16, 1856
Died November 4, 1878

On the base of the arch for both
of their sons, it reads

"Hope looks beyond the bounds of love. When
what we now deplore shall rise in full immortal
prime and bloom to fade no more."

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