Stephen F. and Louisa Jones Family History

stephen jones
Stephen Fuqua Jones in Emporia, Kansas 1879 - 1880, around 53 to 54 years old.

NPS Photo

Stephen F. Jones and Louisa M. (Barber) Jones Family

Born November 6, 1826 in Cannon County, TN

Died April 7, 1914 in Wichita, KS at age 87.

Stephen F. Jones' parental family tree

Stephen and Louisa Jones' children

Stephen Jones age 63
Stephen Fuqua Jones

NPS Photo

Estimated date of photo is around
1889 in Kansas City, MO (age 63).


Louisa Margaret (Barber) Jones

There are no known photos of Louisa. Family members say they do not remember seeing one. Newspaper articles state two different portraits were done in the 1880s of Stephen and Louisa Jones and their two daughters, but these portraits have not been located.

An idea of Louisa's appearance may be surmised by viewing photos of her mother Adeline Barber and Louisa's two daughters, Christiana and Loutie.

mildred and stephen
Stephen Jones holding his granddaughter Mildred.

NPS Photo

Stephen Jones and granddaughter Mildred Hickman

Mildred was born December 14, 1891. We assume her age at 1 year in this late 1892 photo. Stephen was 66 years old.

Stephen and Louisa Jones raised Mildred after Loutie's death in November 1894 until Louisa's death in 1908.

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