artwork of a blue bird with a volcano background
Volcano artwork produced by D. Caldwell for the National Park Service
Few natural features are as captivating and unpredictable as volcanoes, where magma erupts through the Earth’s crust spewing molten lava, ash, or rocks across the landscape.

Volcanoes come in all shapes and sizes and consist of three main types: The steep, cone-shaped stratovolcano, formed by erupted ash and flowing lava. The low and gently sloping shield volcano, created by non-eruptive flowing lava, and the steep-sided dome volcano, built up by non-flowing, thick and sticky lava.

These magnificent features create new landscapes, are destinations for outdoor enthusiasts, and are often sacred places for indigenous peoples.From the iconic cone-shaped stratovolcanoes of Alaska, such as Redoubt and Iliamna to the shield volcano of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, National Natural Landmarks represent a diversity of volcanic features. Some of these include:

Redoubt Volcano, AK
Iliamna Volcano, AK
Shishaldin Volcano, AK
Mount Veniaminof, AK
Fogama'a Crater, AS
Matafao Peak, AS
Diamond Head, HI
Mauna Kea, HI
Hells Half Acre Lava Field, ID
Great Rift System, ID
Newberry Crater, OR
Grants Lava Flow, NM

Last updated: December 19, 2022


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