Presidential Junior Rangers Across the Country

There are more than 400 national parks across the country of different shapes, sizes, and purposes for people to enjoy. A lot of these sites have presidential history in them—memorials, monuments, homes, or places where presidents made history. Explore, learn, and protect these special places by becoming a Junior Ranger! Most national parks have Junior Ranger badges that you can get in the park or virtual badges that you can collect from home. For more fun, also look at our Junior Ranger page for presidential parks in Washington, DC.

Presidential Park Junior Ranger Programs

These are some of the national parks created to remember and honor U.S. presidents throughout history. Check out these Junior Ranger programs that you can do from home. There are even more Junior Ranger programs in presidential parks that you can also do in person.

Presidential Park Junior Ranger Activities

Want to have even more fun learning about presidents? Check out these games about the history of presidents in many national parks across the country.

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    • Junior Ranger badge with the president's seal reading

      Presidential Inauguration Junior Rangers

      Celebrate the Presidential Inauguration by earning a special virtual Presidential Junior Ranger badge!

    • Group of kids wearing Junior Ranger badges holding hand up to take the Junior Ranger pledge

      Presidential Junior Rangers in D.C.

      Washington, D.C. is home to many of the nation's most famous presidential monuments. Come learn about them and earn more badges!

    • Statue of Abraham Lincoln

      Game On

      Trivia time! Test your knowledge of presidential history with games for all ages about history and places found in national parks.

    Last updated: January 19, 2021