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Get ready for the presidential inauguration by brushing up on your knowledge of presidents and our system of government. With more than 400 national parks across the country of different shapes and sizes, we've got quite a few ties to U.S. presidents. There are many national parks that are dedicated in their honor, including homes, birthplaces, monuments, and memorials.

Try your hand at these games and challenges of national park trivia or quiz your family and friends. Answers are included, but no peeking until you answer. "Honest Abe" would not approve.

Kids—or the kids in all of us—can also play Junior Ranger games for more presidential fun!

Presidents Play

How well do you know your presidents? In preparation of the inauguration, get your presidential game on by testing your knowledge of U.S. presidents. Play games and answers questions about people, places, and stories about presidents from national parks around the country.

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    Civics 101

    Welcome to the Civics 101 Trivia Game! Who has the most knowledge of American civics? Test your knowledge or form teams with your friends and keep score. Each question is followed by an interactive component that you can use to reveal the answers. Choose a section to get started. Have fun and good luck!

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      More Virtual Experiences

      • Illustration of a desk with park-related items looking out a window at a cityscape
        Go Virtual

        The 59th Presidential Inauguration is going virtual! Join the virtual festivities and explore your presidential national parks.

      • Sasquatch hand touching a laptop with text reading
        Virtual Tours

        Take a tour of presidential monuments, memorials, and homes in national parks from the comfort of anywhere in the world.

      • Flattened image of a memorial chamber with prominent columns and a statue of Abraham Lincoln
        Presidential Places 360°

        Treat yourself to a tour of presidential memorials in the round with 360° photographs of these iconic places.

      • Two rangers in face masks, one pointing to the Washington Monument
        Virtual Ranger Programs

        Don't move! We'll come to you to give ranger programs through your digital devices this inauguration.

      • Junior Ranger badge with the presidential seal with text reading
        Junior Rangers

        Gotta collect them all! Earn Junior Ranger badges while learning about U.S. presidents, inaugurations, and memorials.

      • Passport cancellation stamp with text reading
        Virtual Passport Stamp

        Do you collect national park passport cancellation stamps? Congratulations, you've found the virtual Presidential Inauguration stamp!

      Last updated: January 20, 2021