Presidential Places 360°

Touring the presidential memorials in the nation's capital is a classic experience. We've got you covered as the 2021 Presidential Inauguration goes virtual. These iconic landmarks are recognized by people across the country and the world. Take a virtual sightseeing tour in honor of the presidential inauguration by exploring these special places in the round with 360° images. Then take a test to see if you can still recognize whose memorial is whose to become a virtual tour guide for family and friends.

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    • Illustration of a desk with park-related items looking out a window at a cityscape
      Go Virtual

      The 59th Presidential Inauguration is going virtual! Join the virtual festivities and explore your presidential national parks.

    • Sasquatch hand touching a laptop with text reading
      Virtual Tours

      Take a tour of presidential monuments, memorials, and homes in national parks from the comfort of anywhere in the world.

    • Two rangers in face masks, one pointing to the Washington Monument
      Virtual Ranger Programs

      Don't move! We'll come to you to give ranger programs through your digital devices this inauguration.

    • Junior Ranger badge with the presidential seal with text reading
      Junior Rangers

      Gotta collect them all! Earn Junior Ranger badges while learning about U.S. presidents, inaugurations, and memorials.

    • Statue of Abraham Lincoln
      Game On

      Trivia time! Test your knowledge of presidential history with games for all ages about history and places found in national parks.

    • Passport cancellation stamp with text reading
      Virtual Passport Stamp

      Do you collect national park passport cancellation stamps? Congratulations, you've found the virtual Presidential Inauguration stamp!

    Last updated: January 18, 2021