Virtual Ranger Programs

Traditionally every four years, a newly or recently elected president comes to the nation's capital of Washington, D.C. to take the oath of office. National parks in D.C. serve as the backdrop for many of the Inauguration Day festivities becoming part of the history. Inaugurations have changed shape over the years, but they all a snapshot into what is happening in the country at the time. Join rangers for virtual programs for conversations and reflections about presidential inaugurations, their place in history, and their continuing legacy today.

More Virtual Experiences

  • Illustration of a desk with park-related items looking out a window at a cityscape
    Go Virtual

    The 59th Presidential Inauguration is going virtual! Join the virtual festivities and explore your presidential national parks.

  • Sasquatch hand touching a laptop with text reading
    Virtual Tours

    Take a tour of presidential monuments, memorials, and homes in national parks from the comfort of anywhere in the world.

  • View of the National Mall through columns
    Presidential Places 360°

    Remotely explore presidential memorials in D.C. in the round and see if you can pass the test to become a virtual tour guide.

  • Junior Ranger badge with the presidential seal with text reading
    Junior Rangers

    Gotta collect them all! Earn Junior Ranger badges while learning about U.S. presidents, inaugurations, and memorials.

  • Statue of Abraham Lincoln
    Game On

    Trivia time! Test your knowledge of presidential history with games for all ages about history and places found in national parks.

  • Passport cancellation stamp with text reading
    Virtual Passport Stamp

    Do you collect national park passport cancellation stamps? Congratulations, you've found the virtual Presidential Inauguration stamp!

Last updated: January 19, 2021