Ah, maps...the ultimate trip planning tool! Whether you want to download an overview of the whole park on your phone or print a map for your next day hike, we've got you covered. Just know that all of these maps are intended for short, day hikes only. If you're planning a longer, backcountry hike, we recommend purchasing a topographic map at one of our visitor centers or online from the Shenandoah National Park Association or the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC).


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Park Brochure

This is the official guide to Shenandoah National Park. It contains a map of all of the available services and ameneties in the Park, as well as an introduction on what this place is all about.

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Trail Maps

With over 500 miles of trails, choosing your next hike in Shenandoah can be a little daunting. Not to fear! We've put together trail maps with suggested hikes and information for different areas of the Park. They are listed geographically below, starting with the northernmost part of Shenandoah, near Front Royal, and going down to the southern part of the Park, close to Waynesboro. Follow each link to print them out, or download the accessible PDFs to take with you on your mobile device

A graphic of a trail map for Compton Gap.

Dickey Ridge Area
Fox Hollow Trail and Snead Farm Loop

Compton Gap Area
Compton Peaks, Fort Windham Rocks, and Lands Run Falls

Mathews Arm Area
Overall Run Falls and Traces Trail

Keyser Run Area
Little Devils Stairs Loop, Sugarloaf Loop, and Knob Mountain-Jeremys Run

Thornton Gap Area
Marys Rock Summit, Pass Mountain Loop, and Hazel River Falls

Skyland Area
Millers Head, Stony Man, and Passamaquoddy Loop

Whiteoak Canyon Area
Whiteoak Canyon and Cedar Run-Whiteoak Circuit

Hawksbill Area
Various hikes to Hawksbill Summit via Hawksbill Gap and Upper Hawksbill parking areas

Old Rag Area
Old Rag Summit (including an alternate hike that avoids the rock scramble) Robertson Mountain Trail, and Nicholson Hollow Trail

Big Meadows Area
Dark Hollow Falls, Story of the Forest Trail, Rose River Falls, and Lewis Falls

Rapidan Camp Area
Rapidan Camp, Appalachian Trail-Tanners Ridge Road, and Mill Prong-Laurel Prong Loop

Bearfence Area
Bearfence Viewpoint, including an alternate hike that avoids the rock scramble

South River Area
Two different routes to South River Falls

Loft Mountain Area
Frazier Discovery Trail, Doyles River Falls, and Jones Run Falls

Riprap Area
Riprap-Wildcat Ridge Circuit, Chimney Rock, and Turk Mountain


Campground Maps

Camping in one of our campgrounds is an amazing experience with the right preparation. These maps show where each numbered site is and provide an overview of the amenities available at each campground. They are listed geographically, going from the northern section of the Park to the southern section.

A graphic of a campground map for Loft Mountain Campground.

Mathews Arm Campground
The nearest campground for those entering the Park from the north. It is next to a nature trail and the trail to Overall Run Falls, the tallest waterfall in the park. Elkwallow Wayside, with camping supplies and food service, is two miles away.

Big Meadows Campground
Near many of the major facilities and popular hiking trails in the Park. Three waterfalls are within walking distance; Big Meadows, with its abundant plant growth and wildlife, is close by.

Lewis Mountain Campground
Located off mile 57.5 of Skyline Drive, Lewis Mountain is the smallest campground in the Park.

Loft Mountain Campground
The largest campground in the Park. The campground sits atop Big Flat Mountain with outstanding views to east and west. Two waterfalls and the trails into the Big Run Wilderness area are nearby.

Dundo Group Campground
Dundo Group Campground has three camping sites for groups of 7 to 20 people.


Official Park App

Our mobile app is another great wayfinding option, featuring a map of the hiking trails, overlooks, services, and other points of interest in Shenandoah National Park. Just remember to download offline content before arriving at the Park, as cell reception is unreliable.

Last updated: May 22, 2020

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