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Step 1: Learn about the Tall Trees Trail

Before making a Tall Trees Trail Reservation, we want to make sure it meets your needs, physical abilities, and time-frame. More Information about Tall Trees Grove The Tall Trees Trail is not the only place in the park to see tall trees, there are many other great hiking options in the redwoods that don't require a reservation and take less time out of your day.

  • 4-Hour Time Committment: Going to Tall Trees will take at least 4 hours out of your day, this includes driving and hiking round-trip.
  • A Strenuous Hike: The Tall Trees Trail is a 4.5-mile round-trip hike that is classified as moderate to strenuous. This is due to the steep drop going into the grove and climb returning to your vehicle, the trail drops 800 feet in the first 1.5 miles.
  • Driving Access: Allow a 1-hour drive (including 6-miles on a dirt road) from the nearest visitor center to the trailhead. The road to the Tall Trees Trailhead is narrow and windy. The small parking lot does not accommodate RVs over 21 feet or vehicles towing trailers. There is a locked gate at the top of the road to manage the traffic and to avoid overcrowding. The gate code will be emailed to you with your reservation.
  • Pets are not allowed on any of the trails within the national or state park areas. However, there are several options to enjoy a walk with a leashed pet in the park and information on how to become a BARK! Ranger.
  • Are you wanting a backcountry camping permit? Go to the online backcountry application.
  • Wherever you are hiking or visiting, be sure to learn about Leave No Trace in the redwoods. Should you hike to Hyperion?
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Step 2: Make a Reservation

Reservations are only issued online. Reservations will not be issued in park visitor centers and often fill up in the summer. Plan ahead in order to have the best chance to secure a permit.

Make a Reservation - Permits are being issued by our non-profit partner, Redwood Parks Conservancy.

There are two types of reservations available:

Reservation In- Advance All-Day Reservation Day-Before Half-Day Reservation
Availability Available up to 180 days in advance. Must be reserved 24 hours before hiking date.
Morning reservations (8am to 12pm) open at 8am the day before.
Afternoon reservations (1pm to sunset) open at 1pm the day before.
Fee Free Free
Obtaining the Tall Trees Gate Code A confirmation email will be sent immediately. The Tall Trees Access Gate Code will be emailed 23 hours before your hiking date. The Tall Trees Access Gate Code will be emailed immediately.

Step 3: Take your Reservation to the Park

Check your junk / spam folders for an email from Redwood National and State Parks.

  • In-Advance Reservations - A confirmation email will be sent immediately. The Tall Trees Access Gate Code will be emailed 23 hours before your hiking date.
    Day-Before Reservations - The Tall Trees Access Gate Code will be emailed immediately.

If you did not recieve the gate code, please stop into a park visitor center. Have your confirmation email ready in case visitor center staff are unable to look up your reservation.


Tall Trees Permit FAQs

As a very popular grove with a small parking lot and long access road, Tall Trees Trail reservations serve many purposes. 

  1. Provide a high-quality visitor experience in which overcrowding of parking lots and trail systems will not deter visitors from having the ability to seek out recreational experiences that allow for a connection to the natural environment.

  2. Protect the natural resources around and within Tall Trees Grove.

  3. Provide adequate ability for law enforcement and emergency services to provide responses during emergencies which was impeded by un-restricted parking and overcrowding of roadways.

There will be several options available to visitors

  • 45 In-Advance Reservations (8:00 am to sunset)
  • 10 Day-Before Half-Day Reservations; Morning (8:00 am to 12:00 pm) 
  • 10 Day-Before Half-Day Reservations; Afternoon (1:00 pm to sunset) 

In-Advance reservations are available 180 days in advance.
Day-Before reservations are available starting at either 8:00 am or 1:00 pm the day before the hiking date depending on the time slot that is available/you choose.

After making your reservation, you will be given the option to save this event on your calendar (from the booking website) and will also immediately receive an email confirmation. Please check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see this email in your primary inbox. This email will be sent from Redwood National and State Parks.

Your reservation with the Tall Trees gate code will be sent to you 23 hours before your hiking time. 

Please read this confirmation email thoroughly as it will contain important information to help you plan your visit.

After reading your confirmation email, and visiting the reservations page on https://www.nps.gov/redw/index.htm, if you still have questions, you are welcome to visit any of the Visitor Center locations within Redwood National and State Parks. You are also welcome to call (707) 464-6101 (general park information line) but please be advised that this phone number is not always staffed and your best place for information regarding your permit will be either the email confirmation or website.

Yes, you can cancel or change your existing reservation using the email confirmation you receive immediately after making your reservation. Please save this email.

If you are unable to visit on your hiking date, please take the time (less than 2 mins) to cancel your reservation. Reservations are limited and we appreciate your assistance with ensuring that as many visitors as possible are able to get a reservation.

This reservation allows you to park at the Tall Trees Trailhead. 

Please just put 'rental car' in your Tall Trees application or your personal vehicle information. We do not require you to update your vehicle information.

Vehicle information is taken as a statistic and safety precaution for law enforcement and emergency services. 

No. Your reservation allows you access for your entire time slot. Please be mindful of  your time and make sure you are staying within your correct time. 

Example - I booked the 8am half-day reservation! I can show up at 9am, complete my hike, and head to my next adventure! I will make sure to be out of the Tall Trees Trailhead by 12pm.

Please check out our backcountry camping page.

Last updated: May 27, 2023

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