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Cover book to Battling for Manassas: The Fifty-Year Preservation Struggle at Manassas National Battlefield Park. [Image of cannon in the battlefield]
Battling for Manassas: The Fifty-Year Preservation Struggle at Manassas National Battlefield Park


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Introduction: Historic Preservation and Use


1. Early Preservation Efforts

2. Establishing a Park

3. Settling In

4. Park Additions

5. Reenacting the Past

6. Changing of the Guard

7. Great America in Manassas

8. Expanding the Boundaries

9. Seeking Partnerships

10. Stonewalling the Mall

11. More Battles: The Horse and the Mouse


1. Order Designating the Manassas National Battlefield Park, Virginia

2. Public Law 338, 83d Congress, Chapter 153, 2d Session, H.R. 5529

3. Public Law 96—442, 96th Congress, 2d Session

4. Public Law 100—647, 100th Congress, 2d Session

5. Maps of Manassas National Battlefield Park (omitted from on-line edition)

6. Land Additions to Manassas National Battlefield Park

7. NPS Regional Oversight of Manassas National Battlefield Park

8. Manassas National Battlefield Park Superintendents and Dates of Service Notes


Index (omitted from on-line edition)



1. Army positions from Second Battle of Manassas superimposed on 1988 map of Manassas Battlefield Park

2. 1991 map showing Interior Department compromise plan for William Center mall controversy

3. 1994 proposed location of Disney's America historical theme park


1. Monument dedicated to the "memory of the patriots who fell"

2. Henry House

3. Thomas J. Jackson monument

4. Museum-administration building

5. Dogan House

6. Stone House

7. 1949 museum displays, including Stonewall Jackson diorama

8. 1949 museum displays, including portraits and weapons

9. Park historians illustrate troop movements for school groups

10. Superintendent Francis Wilshin

11. July 1961 reenactment of First Battle of Manassas

12. 125th anniversary reenactment of First Battle of Manassas, 1986

13. Annie Snyder and her gun

14. Construction crews working on William Center shopping mall-residential-office complex next to Manassas National Battlefield Park

15. Youths dressed in Civil War-era costumes

16. Annie Snyder

17. Kathleen K. Seefeldt, L. Douglas Wilder, Peter Rummell, and George F. Allen at November 1993 unveiling of Disney's historical theme park

18. National Trust President Richard Moe

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Zenzen, Joan M.
    Battling for Manassas: the fifty-year preservation struggle at Manassas National Battlefield Park / Joan M. Zenzen ; foreword by Edwin Bearss.
        p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-271-01721-X (alk. paper)
1. Manassas National Battlefield Park (Va.) 2. Virginia—History—Civil War, 1861-1865—Battlefields—Conservation and restoration. 3. United States—History—Civil War, 1861-1865—Battlefields—Conservation and restoration. 4. Historic preservation—Virginia—Prince William County. I. Title. E472.183.Z46 1998

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*Battling for Manassas is based on an official report of the same name issued by the National Park Service in 1995, which as a U.S. government work is in the public domain. The book has been revised and expanded for publication so that its flow contains photographs, maps, and some additions and revisions to the text that were not part of the original report.



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