Capitol Reef
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Cover (Volume I)

George A. Grant photograph of the Capitol Reef between Grand Gorge and Capitol Wash, taken in 1935 as part of the initial monument proposal. NPS file photo.

Cover (Volume II)

Southern San Rafael Fremont style rock art figures from the Fremont River Gorge, Capitol Reef National Park. NPS photo.

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Volume I. Background and History of Capitol Reef



Chronology of Important Events


Chapter 1. Deposition, Uplift, and Erosion: The Geologic Story of Capitol Reef

Chapter 2. Archeology and Ethnohistory at Capitol Reef

Chapter 3. Early Exploration

Chapter 4. Mormon Settlement

Chapter 5. A Monument in Name Only: 1937 - 1950

Chapter 6. Uranium, Roads, Water, and Other Problems: 1950 - 1955

Chapter 7. Mission 66: Capitol Reef Development: 1955 -1966

Chapter 8. The Establishment of Capitol Reef National Monument

Chapter 9. 1950s Expansion Proposals and Boundary Adjustments

Chapter 10. Park, Wilderness, and Monument Expansion Proposals: 1961 - 1969

Chapter 11. From Monument Expansion to Park Creation: 1969 to 1971

References Cited

Appendix. Proclamations and Related Legislation

Index (omitted from the online edition)

Volume II. Resource Issues and Special Topics

Chapter 12. Grazing and Capitol Reef National Park: A Historic Study

Chapter 13. Water Rights and Water Quality At Capitol Reef

Chapter 14. Fruita Management History

Chapter 15. Mining and Related Encroachments At Capitol Reef National Park

Chapter 16. Roads, Trails, and Utility Rights-of-Way

Chapter 17. State Lands and Post-Park Private Lands

Chapter 18. Planning Documents Summary

Appendix. Capitol Reef National Park Management Personnel

Index (omitted from the online edition)


Volume I. Background and History of Capitol Reef

Figure 1. Location of Capitol Reef National Park in Utah
Figure 2. Current Boundary of Capitol Reef National Park
Figure 3. Geologic Column and Cross-Section
Figure 4. The Waterpocket Fold
Figure 5. Fruita, ca. 1930
Figure 6. 1937 Capitol Reef National Monument Boundary
Figure 7. Ranger Residence, ca. 1950
Figure 8. Alma Chesnut House
Figure 9. Charles Kelly
Figure 10. Capitol Reef Lodge
Figure 11. Road Conditions at Fruita, 1948
Figure 12. Gifford Motel, Fruita
Figure 13. Fruita Inholdings, 1963
Figure 14. Old Utah 24 Route Through Capitol Gorge
Figure 15. Proposed Mission 66 Roads and Trails Development
Figure 16. Fruita School Class with Gov. George Dern, 1925
Figure 17. 1933 Boundary, as Proposed by Utah State Legislature
Figure 18. 1934 Boundary, as Proposed by Roger Toll
Figure 19. 1935 Boundary, as Proposed by Utah State Planning Board
Figure 20. 1935 Boundary, as Proposed by Preston Patraw
Figure 21. 1936 Proposed Escalante National Monument Boundary
Figure 22. 1937 Final Boundary, Capitol Reef National Monument
Figure 23. Cathedral Valley
Figure 24. 1951 Proposed Annexations
Figure 25. 1958 Boundary Expansion
Figure 26. 1967 Wilderness Proposal
Figure 27. 1968 Boundary Expansion, Proposal 1
Figure 28. 1968 Boundary Expansion, Proposal 2
Figure 29. Expanded Boundary of Capitol Reef National Monument, January 1969
Figure 30. National Park Boundary, as Proposed by Sen. Moss. 1969
Figure 31. National Park Boundary, as Proposed by the National Park Service, June 1969
Figure 32. National Park Service Proposed Boundaries, August 1969
Figure 33. Rep. Burton's 1970 Proposed Boundaries, National Park and Recreation Area

Volume II. Resource Issues and Special Topics

Figure 34. Utah Grazing District #5
Figure 35. Grazing Permits, Allotments, And Phaseout Dates, 1969
Figure 36. 1959 Master Plan
Figure 37. 1962 Master Plan, Fruita Area Roads And Trails
Figure 38. Proposed Historic Agricultural Area, 1977
Figure 39. Park Management Zoning, 1982 General Management Plan
Figure 40. Fruita Rural Historic District, Cultural Landscape Assesment
Figure 41. Shinarump Channels And Uranium Mining Claims
Figure 42. Viking Pipeline Proposal
Figure 43. Proposed Power Plant Alternatives
Figure 44. Henry Mountain Coal Fields
Figure 45. Circle Cliffs Tar Sands
Figure 46. Early South District Roads And Trails
Figure 47. 1949 Master Plan, Roads And Trails
Figure 48. Fruita Inholdings And Proposed Highway Route
Figure 49. 1962 Master Plan, Monument Roads And Trails
Figure 50. Capitol Reef Trails, 1994
Figure 51. Proposed Wilderness, 1974
Figure 52. State Lands Included Within 1937 Capitol Reef National Monument Boundaries

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