Capitol Reef
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1866 - Mormon Militia reconnaissance of Boulder Mountain provides first written description of Waterpocket Fold

1872 - Almon Thompson leads Powell survey team through Pleasant Creek

1880s - Homesteads are filed in Fruita and Pleasant Creek

1881 - Mormons use Halls Crossing Trail as alternative to Hole-in-the-Rock trail

1924 - July 19, Utah governor comes to Fruita to celebrate proposed Wayne Wonderland State Park

1932 - October 19, Roger Toll begins first official investigation of proposed Wayne Wonderland National Park or Monument

1937 - August 2, Capitol Reef National Monument is established

1938-42 - Civilian Conservation Corps side camps are established at Capitol Reef

1943 - Alma Chesnut property is acquired by National Park Service

1944 - Charles Kelly is hired as nominally-paid custodian

1950 - May 1, Capitol Reef National Monument officially is activated and budget is authorized by National Park Service

1951 - Charles Kelly becomes first official superintendent

1953-59 - Capitol Reef is officially open to uranium exploration

1953 - Capitol Reef jurisdiction is transferred from Zion National Park to Southwest Regional Office

1954 - Capitol Reef jurisdiction is transferred back to Zion National Park

1957 - Paved road (Utah Highway 24) is completed from Torrey to Fruita

1958 - July 2, some 3,040 acres are added to Capitol Reef National Monument

1962 - July: Utah Highway 24 is paved and opened along Fremont River canyon

1962 - August: the old Capitol Gorge road is permanently closed to through traffic

1965 - Visitor Center opens

1967 - Capitol Reef Wilderness hearings are conducted

1969 - January 20: Capitol Reef National Monument is expanded by 600%

1969-72 - Southern Utah Group of the National Park Service oversees Capitol Reef

1971 - December 18: Capitol Reef National Park is established

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