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A work of this length could not have been accomplished without the invaluable help of many. The entire staff of Capitol Reef National Park has been my friends and sources of great information since I first arrived there in the spring of 1990. I would specifically like to thank Superintendent Chuck Lundy, who asked me to prepare this history, and Chief Ranger Rick Nolan, who went out of his way to guarantee a smooth working environment. Sharon Gurr and Donita Pace were simply invaluable - I could not have been hired, paid, or traveled without their help. Sharon's knowledge of the superintendent's files saved me long hours of needless digging. I would also like to send a belated thank-you to retired Management Assistant George Davidson, who, as chief of interpretation, first brought me to Capitol Reef and sparked my interest in the region's history.

From the former Rocky Mountain Regional Office, Project Historian Marcy Culpin has coordinated the funding and editing, and has been a valuable source of information. Historian Kathy McKoy, who helped write the Cultural Landscape Report for the Fruita Rural Historic District, loaned me her desk and computer while I was in Denver and was always available to talk about sources and ideas. Also from the regional office, former Regional Curator Laura Joss helped secure funding and provide assistance for the park's archives project, while Mike Schene was extremely supportive in my earlier Burr Trail history. Without their support, this administrative history may never have got off the ground. I would also like to thank the men and women who helped me find documents in the various archives and libraries: I could not have done this without them!

Most of Volume I became my Master's thesis at Eastern Washington University, Cheney. Dr. Mike Green, as my advisor and committee chair at EWU, was extremely accommodating of all my various needs, especially since I completed this project while living two hours away from the Cheney campus. Throughout my studies at Eastern, Dr. Green was always a great source of information and encouragement.

This manuscript was reviewed by many current and former National Park Service officials who were kind enough to spend time reading and offering suggestions to make the final product as accurate as possible, and considerably more readable. The reviewers included former Capitol Reef superintendents Robert Heyder and Martin C. Ott; Bureau Historian Barry Mackintosh; Regional Lands Chief Richard Young; Regional Archeologist Adrienne Anderson; Acting Regional Historian Kathy McKoy; Regional Public Affairs Officer Ben Moffett; Regional Anthropologist David Ruppert; Rosemary Sucec, Matt Wilson and Susan Garland, all of the regional cultural resources office; the staff of the regional Water Rights Branch; former Chief of Resource Management and Science Norm Henderson; and former Park Ranger Whitney Kreiling. The dedication and amazing editing skills of Capitol Reef Archeologist Lee Kreutzer were especially valuable. Lee had so many excellent recommendations that her name should almost appear as a co-author. In the end, though, I alone must accept all responsibility for what is written in this administrative history.

Finally, I thank my wife, Schelle, who helped edit the manuscript, gave me great ideas, and patiently listened as my thoughts struggled to take form. More importantly, she took care of the kids--and everything else--while I was elsewhere, buried in documents. For Schelle's friendship, patience, and love, I dedicate this work to her.

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