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Isolation Centers

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Confinement and Ethnicity:
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An Overview of World War II
Japanese American Relocation Sites

by J. Burton, M. Farrell, F. Lord, and R. Lord

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Chapter 16 (continued)
Assembly Centers

Tulare Assembly Center, California

The Tulare Assembly Center was located in the southern San Joaquin Valley in the town of Tulare at the county fairgrounds. Occupied from April 20 to September 4, it housed 5,061 evacuees (with a maximum at one time of 4,978) from Los Angeles and Sacramento counties and the southern California coast. There were about 100 barracks within the fairgrounds proper and another 55 barracks to the south of the fairgrounds adjacent to the county hospital (Figure 16.63). There were eight mess halls and eight sets of communal buildings for bathrooms, showers, and laundries. Administration offices were in the grandstand and surrounding buildings, the assembly center hospital was northwest of the grandstand, and the military police compound was in the northern portion of the fairgrounds.

Oblique aerial view of the Tulare Assembly Center
Figure 16.63. Oblique aerial view of the Tulare Assembly Center.
(from DeWitt 1943)
Grandstand at the Tulare Fairgrounds today
Figure 16.64. Grandstand at the Tulare Fairgrounds today.

The grandstand and several buildings in the northeastern corner of the fairgrounds visible in the 1942 aerial photograph are still present (Figure 16.64). The buildings, larger than the barracks, were probably part of the fairgrounds originally. However, a 1942 map (Figure 16.65) confirms they were incorporated into the assembly center. No buildings or features constructed specifically for the assembly center are present, and there is no historical marker at the site.

Map of the Tulare Assembly Center
Figure 16.65. Map of the Tulare Assembly Center.
(Matsumare 1942)
(click image for larger size (~135K) )

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