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Brief History

Gila River


Heart Mountain







Tule Lake

Isolation Centers

Add'l Facilities

Assembly Centers

DoJ and US Army Facilities



Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Confinement and Ethnicity:
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An Overview of World War II
Japanese American Relocation Sites

by J. Burton, M. Farrell, F. Lord, and R. Lord

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Appendix B
Tule Lake Relocation Center Drawings at the Bureau of Reclamation, Klamath Falls (Oregon) Office

40' x 100' Mess Hall — Military Police Area
Addition to Administration Building
Additional Construction — Preliminary (1943)
Additional Housing, Mess Hall, Combined Men's and Women's
Latrine Building — Architectural, Plumbing
Additional Housing, Mess Hall, Combined Men's and Women's
Latrine Building — Details
Additional Housing, Plot Plan — Fence and Perimeter Road
Additional Housing, Sewage Collection System — Plan
Additional Housing, Water Distribution System — Plan
Additional Housing — Building Location Plan and Streets
Additional Housing — Notes and Lists of Drawings
Additional Housing — Recreation Building, Architectural and Electrical Plan, Electrical Plans
Additional Housing, Family Barracks, Laundry and Ironing Building — Details
Additional Utilities, Bar Screen Chamber
Additional Utilities, Changes and Additions to Protective Lighting
Additional Utilities, Effluent and Sludge Beds
Additional Utilities, Imhoff Tank — General
Additional Utilities, Imhoff Tank — Structural Details
Additional Utilities, Pump Station
Additional Utilities, Pump Station — Installation
Additional Utilities — General Plan
Administration Building and Turnstile Canopy — Plans, Elevations, and Details
Auxiliary Power House and Electrical Details
Boiler House
Boiler House — Plan and Details
Building Location Plan, Building Notes, and List of Drawings
Building Layout
Camp Area, Sewer Line and Manholes
Camp Area, Water Line
Coal Unloading Platform
Cold Storage Warehouse, Revised Meat Storage Room — Plumbing, Electrical, and Refrigeration
Coordinate Plot Plan
Details — Buildings with Siding
Details — Evacuee Barracks
Details — Hospital Buildings
Details of Imhoff Tank Repairs
Enlisted Men's Mess Hall Type M.P.T., Revision of Refrigerators
Electrical Distribution System (1942)
Electrical Distribution System (1943)
Electrical Distribution — Military Police, Motor Pool, and Entrance Area
Electrical Details
Entrance Area — Gates and Turnstiles
Evacuee Relocation Center (1942)
Evacuee Mess Halls
Family Barracks, Laundry, and Ironing Building Details
Fire Stations
Garages for Administration and M.P. Groups, Watch Towers, Well Pump Houses
Gasoline Storage and Dispensing System
General Plot Plan (1" = 300')
General Plot Plan and Typical Block Plan
General Plot Plan and Typical Block Plan — Water Distribution System
General Plan Storage Distribution
Guard House and Typical Barracks — Plans and Details
Guard Tower — Plan and Details (1943)
Headquarters Battalion and School
High Pressure Feeder to New 2000,000 Gal. Water Storage Tank
Hospital Group, Sprinkler System Piping — Doctors, Nurses, Children's, Isolation, and Obstetrics
Hospital Group, Sprinkler System Piping — Plot Plan and Out-Patient Building
Hospital Group, Sprinkler System Piping — Ward, Administration, and Operating Buildings
Hospital Mess Hall
Hospital Area — Heating Layout and Details
Imhoff Tanks (two copies)
Imhoff Tanks — Structural Details
Industrial Building Conversion to Vegetable Storage Cellar— Truss and Column Detail
Industrial Building Conversion to Vegetable Storage Cellar
Key Drawings of Buildings (includes notes; three sheets)
Latrines and Dispensary
Laundry and Ironing Buildings
Master Plot Plan (1" = 600'; includes buildings and key; four copies)
Master Plot Plan Showing Location of Proposed Grandview School (1944)
Mess Hall and Latrine Building
Military, Motor Pool, and Entrance Areas — Paving Plan and Sections
Miscellaneous Details (two sheets)
Motor Repair Shop — Military Police Area
Newell Townsite (May 1950)
Out-Patient Building — Details
Out-Patient Building — Electrical Work
Out-Patient Building
Out-Patient Building — Floor Plans, Elevations, and Framing Sections
Out-Patient Building — Foundation, Plot Plan, Details
Out-Patient Building — Mechanical
Perimeter Road and Farm Area No. 1 — Plan and Sections
Personnel Registration Building and Parcel Inspection Building — Plans and Details
Plot Plan Farm Areas No. 1 and No. 2
Plot Plan — Buildings and Grounds (Military Area)
Plot Plan — Military Area
Plot Plans — Administration, Hospital, and Military Police Groups
Post Office Vault, Sentry House, and Garage Door
Recreation and Mess Hall — Administration Area
Recreation and 20 x 100 Mess Hall — Military Police Area
Residential Area External Security — Plan and Details
Residential Area Protective Lighting and Details
Residential Area (Military and Staff Areas) Protective Lighting — Plan
Revised 160' Motor Repair Shop in Easterly Motor Pool Buildings No. 44 and 45
Revised Building Location Plan (Staff Area)
Sanitary Sewer System
Sewage Disposal System
Sewage Pumping Station — Pipe Bridges
Sewage Pumping Station — Pumping Plant Details (five sheets)
Sewage Pumping Station — Structural Plans (revised)
Sewage Pumping Station — Structural Plans
Sewage Treatment and Disposal Plan
Sewage Treatment Plant, Parshall Flume
Sewerage Distribution — Typical Block
Sewerage Distribution — Manhole Details
Space and Water Heater Data
Spur Warehouse and SD-17 Shed
Stables, Corral, and Forage Shed — Modifications to Standard DrawingsStandard Family Barracks (1942)
Steam Distribution — Hospital
Temporary Sewage Disposal
Timber Bridge — Plan and Details
Tracts No. 1 and No. 2 External Security Plan and Detail
Truss Details
Utilities Layout — Area No. 9
Utilities Layout — Area No. 15
Utilities Layout — Area No. 16
Utilities Layout — Area No. 17
Utilities Layout — Area No. 20
Utilities Layout — Area No. 21
Utilities Layout — Area No. 22
Utilities Layout — Area No. 27
Utilities Layout — Area No. 28
Utilities Layout — Area No. 32
Utilities Layout — Area No. 33
Utility Yard and Shops — Key Drawings of Buildings (Military Police Area)
Vicinity Map (1" = 4000')
Warehouse Type WH-A-T (Military Police Area)
Water Distribution — Standard Details
Water Storage Tanks
Water Distribution System
Well Pump House and Sentry Towers (1942)
Wooden Sewage Tanks

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