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Brief History

Gila River


Heart Mountain







Tule Lake

Isolation Centers

Add'l Facilities

Assembly Centers

DoJ and US Army Facilities



Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Confinement and Ethnicity:
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An Overview of World War II
Japanese American Relocation Sites

by J. Burton, M. Farrell, F. Lord, and R. Lord

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Table of Contents


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Project Summary

Chapter 1
Sites of Shame: An Introduction

Chapter 2
To Undo a Mistake is Always Harder Than Not to Create One Originally
by Eleanor Roosevelt

Chapter 3
A Brief History of Japanese American Relocation During World War II

Chapter 4
Gila River Relocation Center, Arizona

Chapter 5
Granada Relocation Center, Colorado

Chapter 6
Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming

Chapter 7
Jerome Relocation Center, Arkansas

Chapter 8
Manzanar Relocation Center, California

Chapter 9
Minidoka Relocation Center, Idaho

Chapter 10
Poston Relocation Center, Arizona

Chapter 11
Rohwer Relocation Center, Arkansas

Chapter 12
Topaz Relocation Center, Utah

Chapter 13
Tule Lake Relocation Center, California

Chapter 14
Citizen Isolation Centers

Moab, Utah
Leupp, Arizona

Chapter 15
Additional War Relocation Authority Facilities

Antelope Springs, Utah
Cow Creek, Death Valley, California
Tulelake, California

Chapter 16
Assembly Centers

Fresno, California
Marysville, California
Mayer, Arizona
Merced, California
Pinedale, California
Pomona, California
Portland, Oregon
Puyallup, Washington
Sacramento, California
Salinas, California
Santa Anita, California
Stockton, California
Tanforan, California
Tulare, California
Turlock, California

Chapter 17
Department of Justice and U.S. Army Facilities

Temporary Detention Stations
Department of Justice Internment Camps
Crystal City Internment Center, Texas
Kenedy Internment Center, Texas
Kooskia Work Camp, Idaho
Fort Lincoln, North Dakota
Fort Missoula, Montana
Fort Stanton, New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Segoville, Texas
U.S. Army Facilities
Camp Lordsburg, New Mexico
Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Stringtown, Oklahoma
Alaska and Hawaii
Other U.S. Army Sites

Chapter 18
Federal Bureau of Prisons

Catalina Federal Honor Camp, Arizona
Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, Kansas
McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary, Washington

References Cited

Appendix A
Relocation Center Drawings in Records Group 210, National Archives, Cartographic Division
compiled by Irene J. Cohen

Appendix B
Tule Lake Relocation Center Drawings at the Bureau of Reclamation, Klamath Falls Office

Appendix C
Selected Relocation Center Blueprints

List of Figures

List of Tables


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