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A park ranger demonstrates a flat paper eclipse viewer as children & adults gather around her on grass in front of crowds of people & a shaded area
There's lots of fun things learn & explore at Paterson Great Falls!


Kids & Youth

Looking for fun for kids and kids at heart? Curious about the free 4th-grade National Parks Pass program? Check out the activities and links below, and review our calendar and social media for upcoming family-friendly events and programs!
A young girl with a Jr. Ranger flat hat and a vest covered in gold Jr. Ranger badges, patches, & ribbons sits on a wall completing an activity book
Join the ranks of thousands of kids who have become official Paterson Great Falls Jr. Rangers!


Junior Ranger Program

There are many fun activities to do at Paterson Great Falls!

One example is to become a Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park Junior Ranger! As part of the Junior Ranger program, Paterson Great Falls offers many different activities and several badges!

Explore our Junior Ranger webpage to learn more! When visiting the park, ask a Ranger or Park Volunteer for details, or knock on the door of the Park's Administrative Office during staffed hours.

Group of Scout Patches - a brown resource stewardship badge with the NPS arrowhead & boy scout eagle, a light blue badge with the NPS arrowhead "pair of faces" girl scout logo, & a blue 19th Amendment patch with a five-point star, needle, & thread
Scouts can earn a variety of patches when visiting National Parks


Scout Rangers

Did you know? If you are a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout, you can become a National Park Service Scout Ranger! Scout leaders: explore these programs and consider integrating scout activities into an education program, scheduled program reservation, or visit!

Boy Scout Ranger Program
Girl Scout Ranger Program
Girl Scout Rangers & the 19th Amendment

Yellow, green, blue, & brown Every Kid Outdoors logo - children in silhouette jumping & playing in a field beside trees as birds fly overhead
4th Graders can take advantage of the free Every Kid Outdoors pass program


Every Kid Outdoors

Did you know? 4th Grade students have access to a free park pass!

By completing a short activity, 4th graders are eligible for an interagency pass to federally managed parks and lands. Check out the Every Kid Outdoor program to learn more - Paterson Great Falls also offers an Every Kid Outdoors program as part of our education program offerings.

Children in yellow shirts standing at a table coloring baseball stadium activity sheets with crayons
Online or on-site, get creative with coloring activities!


Coloring Activities

Put your own spin on some of the important events and objects from Paterson's History! Save and download any of our coloring sheets for a take-home activity, or bring your artwork to the park!

Check out the Paterson Museum website for their coloring book, "The Story of Paterson".

Learn more about New Jersey's wildlife through this coloring book created by our friends at the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
A blank black & white National Park Service arrowhead symbol
Download & print this blank Arrowhead to create your own representative symbol!


Arrowhead Activity

The National Park Service Arrowhead represents everything the agency preserves and protects: flora, fauna, landscapes, and waterways. It's shape represents the human stories we tell too - as one of the oldest tools humans have ever used, it reminds us that people have interacted with our environment from the dawn of humanity, and that we tell the stories of everyone who has been here, past and present.

That's a lot of meaning in one symbol! What symbol would you use to represent your interests, hopes, or dreams? Follow the directions below, and get started on your own symbol!

  • Watch the video below before starting the activity.
  • Download and print the blank Arrowhead as your template for the activity. If you wish to create your own symbol shape, that’s fine too!

  • When you are done creating your symbol, explain its meaning to a friend or family member.

  • We would love to see your symbols once its finished! With permission from an adult, post your symbol to social media and tell us about its meaning!


Open Transcript


Hi everyone! I’m Ranger Kelsey and I am a Park Ranger at Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park. Usually when I tell people I am a Park Ranger, they will ask me, “What exactly do you do as a Park Ranger?” That’s a great question, because I do a lot of different, cool and exciting jobs. Join me, as I discuss my role and what it means to be a Park Ranger.

There are park rangers all over the United States of America. There are national parks in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Samosa. Each line of black righting on this map, marks a national park. There is at least one National Park in each state. Take a guess as to how many national parks there are just by looking the map. Pause the video now to think about your answer. There are 419 units in the National Park Service! Now that’s a lot of parks. Now that we now have many National Parks there are, let’s look at few parks you might recognize.

Did you recognize any of these National Parks? How about this one? This is my park, Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park! As a Ranger at Paterson Great Falls it is my responsibility to take care of the area and protects its story.

To better understand what I do as a ranger, let’s look at this symbol. First let’s talk about what a symbol is. Symbols are special signs that can represent a person, place, company or item. This is the symbol for the National Park Service. What do you see in this symbol? Pause the video now and take a few seconds to really look at the symbol.

I see mountains. A big sequoia trees. Sequoia trees are the tallest trees in the world. They can grow to be taller than the Statue of Liberty! This animal on the bottom is called a bison. A lake. And of course, there are words, so you know this symbol represents the National Park Service. There is one part of the symbol we forgot to name. It’s the shape of the symbol itself. Pause the video now and try to guess what the symbol is in the shape of.

If you said it looks like an arrow, you are right! We call this symbol the Arrowhead.

Now let’s go over the meaning behind this symbol.

The bison represents wildlife. As a park ranger it is my duty to protect the wildlife that live in the park. Here are some animals you can find at my park.

The lake, tree and mountains all represent land, plants, and water. It is a big part of my job to make sure the water stays clean, and the land and plants are cared for.

The arrowhead shape represents historical and cultural values. The way I protect my park is by sharing its story with people. When people visit National Parks and listen to a ranger talk, it keeps the park’s story alive. And this is how Park Rangers, like myself are able to protect a park’s nationally significant story.

Hello again! I hope you enjoyed that video and had a lot of fun learning. Now I have a special project for you. The arrowhead symbol is very important to me because it describes my role as a park ranger. I want you to create your very own symbol. Use this black arrowhead to display what is most important in your life and what describes you.. Maybe instead of drawing a bison you draw your favorite animal. When you have completed your symbol share its meaning with a friend or family member.

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4 minutes, 25 seconds

Use this video to learn more about the different jobs a Park Ranger can do, and the story behind the National Park Service symbol. This Virtual Learning activity is recommended for kindergartners to third graders. Directions: Watch this attached video with a friend or family member. Be sure to pause the video each time it is asked. Work with a friend or family member to figure out the answers to the Ranger’s questions.

Last updated: February 25, 2023

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