What We Do

An ISB Special agent and US Park Ranger look at a map spread on the hood of a vehicle.
ISB special agents investigate complex, sensitive, and/or long-term cases of all types of crimes. They carry out an expansive portfolio of investigative and law enforcement activities, provide victim-witness support services, and work closely with park rangers in the field every day.

NPS photo.

Our Mission

Our core mission is the immediate and long-term protection of park resources, visitors, assets, employees, and residents. We accomplish this through detection, investigation, apprehension, and successful prosecution of persons who violate laws of the United States of America while within, or while affecting, the National Park System.

Investigations—and More

The special agents of the Investigative Services Branch (ISB) carry out complex, sensitive, and/or long-term investigations and law enforcement activities for all National Park Service sites. Investigations include crimes of violence, substantial property crimes, major resource violations, and other incidents. Find more information.

Intelligence Analysis

The Investigative Services Branch has the integral support of an intelligence analyst, enhancing and adding depth to the wide range of criminal investigations across the National Park System. The analyst regularly adapts to support a serious resource crime one day and a crime of violence the next. Learn more.

Victim-Witness Assistance

An extension of the Investigative Services Branch (ISB), the Victim Assistance Program provides direct services to the victims of and witnesses to crimes in National Park Service sites. Victim specialists are stationed in strategic areas of the National Park System to support crime victims, and work with special agents and park rangers service-wide. Read more.

More About Us

We are part of the Associate Director's office for Visitor and Resource Protection. Our home is in the Washington Support Office Division of Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Services.

enabling legislation (commonly known as the Organic Act) primarily resides in a set of laws in the US Code specific to the National Park Service.

Last updated: October 4, 2023