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Today the term National Mall includes the area historically referred to as the Mall (which extends from the grounds of the U.S. Capital to the Washington Monument), and West Potomac Park (including the Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam Veterans, Korean War Veterans, World War II, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorials). In this discussion of the history of the National Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Park, the development history of some adjacent areas is also discussed because of their common history with the National Mall and because they are managed by the National Park Service. The White House and President’s Park, a unit of the national park system, is within the Reserve (see the “Existing Conditions” section), but it is not within the National Mall. Refer to other papers on “Planning Issues” and “Legal Considerations,” for information on what is included in the study area and the adjacent planning area.

Link to History of the National Mall and Pennsylvania Ave NHP (pdf)

Timeline and Historic Plans: Illustrating the Evolution of the "Monumental Core" of the Nation's Capital Link to page 1, Link to page 2, Link to page 3 (pdf files)

Constitution Gardens Cultural Landscape Inventory (CLI)

DC War Memorial Cultural Landscapes Inventory (CLI)

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Cultural Landscape Inventory (CLI)

Mall Cultural Landscape Inventory (CLI)

Union Square Cultural Landscape Inventory (CLI)

Washington Monument Cultural Landscapes Inventory (CLI)

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McMillan Plan Images, courtesy of U.S. Commission of Fine Arts