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    The Washington Monument is closed for repairs due to an earthquake on August 23, 2011. More »


The documents here are relative to the operation of the Park and various ongoing projects. Documents that are available for review on the Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC) website will be marked.

Click here to go to the PEPC site to reveiw and comment on those projects available for comment. Search for "National Mall and Memorial Parks" in the park section to find all projects open for review. For a list of current Construction Projects ongoing within the park click the link.

Pedicab Commercial Use Application 2014

Washington Monument Repair Project Details 2012 (PEPC)

Washington Monument Seismic Assessment 2012 (PEPC)

Revised Record of Decision for Pedicabs 2012

Enforcement Notification Notice McPherson-Freedom Plaza - January 29, 2012 (Pink)

Enforcement Notification Notice McPherson-Freedom Plaza - January 28, 2012 (Yellow)

Enforcement Notification Notice McPherson-Freedom Plaza - January 27, 2012 (Green)

Help Us Preserve Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square

National Mall Plan (PEPC)

Columbus Circle/Columbus Plaza Environmental Assessment (PEPC)

Environmental Assessment for Design Alternatives for the Potomac Park Levee System (PEPC)

Washington DC Transportation Study (signed FONSI)

Superintendents Compendium

Environmental Assessment for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial (PEPC)

Environmental Assessment for the Establishment of the Victims of Communism Memorial (PEPC)

Proposed Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial EA (PEPC)

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Center (PEPC)

Did You Know?


There is no national memorial to veterans of World War I in the National Mall and Memorial Parks. However, the District of Columbia erected the D.C. War Memorial to honor its sons who died in service in World War I. The memorial and the grounds were restored in 2011.