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Mall Turf Operations
and Maintenance Manual. Chapter 1

describes new events standards for the Mall. NPS completed phase 1 of the Mall turf project that utilized compaction resistant soils, installed granite curbs around turf panels to be part of the stormwater drainage collection system, installed 2 water collection cisterns with a half million gallon capacity so that non-potable water can be used for irrigation, and installed a durable irrigation system. Phase 2/3 construction is underway.

Environmental Assessment EA
for Constitution Gardens
was under review in July. 

Constitution Gardens
Cultural Landscape Inventory

Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site Management Plan:

Pennsylvania Avenue NHS signed letter
from the Superintendent, July 2014

Analysis of Tour Bus Operations:

1. Final Tour Bus Study Report

2. Summary Presentation

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National Mall Plan
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Document links:
1. National Mall & Memorial Parks Management Documents

2. Washington DC Transportation Study

3. Pedestrian Sign Guidelines

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The National Mall Plan's
Final Environmental Impact Statement,
Federal Register Notice of Availability,
Record of Decision,

National Mall Plan: Summary
Programmatic Agreement
and attachments.