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National Mall Plan Studies

Best Management Practices:
Best Management Practices Summary (pdf)
This summary looks at the experiences and practices of other organizations in managing heavily used landscapes in urban areas both in the United States and in national capitals around the world.

The National Mall plan will need to decide a number of issues about resource protection, use and visitor experience, operations, and partnerships.

Copy of Best Management Practices (pdf)

Best Management Practices Used at Urban Parks in National and International Locations (pdf)
a 55-page report summarizing lessons learned from heavily used urban parks and international capitals about improving conditions and managing events.

Best Management Practices Used at Designed Landscapes in Washington D.C.(pdf)
— a 41-page report exploring lessons learned from nine local designed landscapes about improving landscape conditions

Tour Bus Studies:
Final Tour Bus Study Report (pdf)
Tour Bus Summary Presentation (pdf)

Phase I (pdf)
Phase II: Gateway Points (pdf)
Phase III: Loading and Unloading Zones (pdf)
Phase IV: Parking Areas (pdf)
Phase V: On-Bus Data Collection and Documentation of Daily Bus Operations (pdf)
Phase VI and VII: Operator & Client Self Report (pdf)

2008 Visitor Study:
2008 Visitor Study: Destinations, Preferences, and Expenditures

Park Foundation Statement:
National Mall Plan - Park Foundation Statement (pdf)
— a 12-page report summarizing the park purpose(s) based on Legislation; examines the significance, fundamental and values, plus primary interpretive themes.

Background Information:
Draft - Elms of the Monumental Core, History and Management Plan 2009 (pdf)
Park Facilities information

Legal Considerations:
Legal Considerations (pdf)