• Photograph of Mount Rushmore under a clear blue sky.
    Why These Four Presidents?

    Discover why Gutzon Borglum decided to carve these four presidents into Mount Rushmore.

  • President Calvin Coolidge speaks on August 10, 1927, at the Mount Rushmore dedication ceremony.
    Memorial History

    Learn more about the people that supported and the events that led to the completion of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

  • Timeline graphic with three boxes for idea, carving and completion.

    When did it start? When did it end? What happened in between? Find out here.

  • Scanned image of Gutzon Borglum's telegram reply to Doane Robinson.
    Historical Letters and Legislation

    View and read some of the documents relating to the establishment of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

  • Photo of Gutzon Borglum observing two workers sculpting an eye on Mount Rushmore.
    Carving History

    Explore a brief summary of the carving of Mount Rushmore.

  • Entrance to the unfinished Hall of Records behind Mount Rushmore.
    Hall of Records

    Learn about Gutzon Borglum's plans for and his attempt to construct the Hall of Records.

  • Photo of an attempt in 1939 to illuminate Mount Rushmore from the top of the sculpture.
    Memorial Lighting History

    Explore the different methods used to illuminate Mount Rushmore during its history.

  • Walkway from the parking lot to the Visitor Center with the original Avenue of Flags.
    Keeping Up With The Times

    Learn more about the how the grounds around Mount Rushmore have evolved.

  • Photo of a plaque inscribed with the winning essay.
    The Entablature Idea

    Learn more about one of Gutzon Borglum's plans to carve an inscription into the mountain.

  • Photo of visitors walking through the Avenue of Flags with Mount Rushmore in the background.
    Avenue of Flags

    Learn more about the locations of the state and territorial flags and when each became part of the United States.

Last updated: May 23, 2022

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