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A group of people, one dressed in 18th century clothes and another in a park uniform, along with several young adults, play  the game 9 Men's Morris
Visitors and park employees all love playing 9 Men's Morris

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Be a Morristown Junior Ranger

From the activities below, choose and complete at least two activities. When you are done, print your Certificate, which is located at the bottom of this page. You are now a Morristown Junior Ranger.


18th Century Naturalist

European explorers originally came to America looking for natural resources to sell in Europe, such as gold, furs and timber. Later, settlers used the trees to build and heat their homes. Native plants and animals helped feed their families.
Then Naturalists explored the frontiers looking to discover new and unknown plants and animals.
Test your knowledge of the natural world of 18th century America and see if you know enough to join the ranks of 18th century naturalists like John Bartram, Peter Kalm or William Catesby by clicking the title above for the questions. You can print out the questions or answer the them on a blank sheet of paper. Will you be an 18th century naturalist?

How did you do? Need the answers? You can find them at the bottom of this page.

Nature Bingo

You can play this game with others in your household, or by yourself. Nature is all around us, you just have to take a moment to find it. For this game you can play while being outside, sitting on your porch or even by looking out the window. If you are with someone else see who can make BINGO first or if playing by yourself, see how fast you can find the items to make BINGO.

3 Men's Morris

Whether you were a soldier in the camp or kid at home in the 18th century, games were a favorite way to pass the time. Learn to make and play this favorite colonial game. Challenge family members and see who becomes the 3 Mens Morris Champion.

Junior Ranger Booklet
Print the entire book or select two pages to complete. What did you learn about the park?

Junior Ranger Certificate for NPS Week
Now that you have completed at least two activities, it is time to be sworn in as a Junior Ranger. You can download and/or print the Junior Ranger certificate then sign your name and today's date. Congratulations!

Answers to the Naturalist questions above: All of the answers are D.

Last updated: August 21, 2022

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