Mount Rainier Nature Guides

Explore your park! Learn about the plants, animals, geologic features, and more that make up Mount Rainier National Park through these online nature guides. Guides include: amphibians, fish, reptiles, mammals, and wildflowers.
Northern Red-legged Frog
Northern Red-legged Frog

NPS Image

Eleven species of amphibians make their home at Mount Rainier, including frogs, salamanders, a species of newt, and a species of toad.

Bull Trout, with no background.
Bull Trout

Image from Bill McMillan, Wild Fish Conservancy Photo

Mount Rainier is the source of several large river systems and also has numerous lakes and streams. Both native and nonnative fish are present in park waters.

Northwestern Garter Snake, with no background.
Northwestern Garter Snake

Image from 2004 Jeremiah Easter Photo

Three species of snakes and a single lizard species are found in the park. None of the snakes are poisonous.

Cascade Red Fox, with no background
Cascade Red Fox

Image from David P. Stiles Photo

Numerous varieties of mammals can be found in the park, including: bats, carnivores, hoofed mammals, insectivores, rabbits, and rodents.

Two Western Trillium flowers, no background
Western Trillium

NPS Image

Hundreds of species of wildflowers bring color to Mount Rainier's forests and meadows. Some of those species are described in the Wildflower Guide.
Forest: White, Yellow/Orange, Pink/Red/Purple
Subalpine: White, Yellow/Orange, Blue/Purple, Pink/Red

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