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QUESTION: How do I make reservations for the bus tours at Hanford and Oak Ridge?

The seasonal B-Reactor and Pre-Manhattan Sites tours leave from the town of Hanford, WA. Reservations can be made in early spring for the summer tours. More information and reservations can be made at the page

The seasonal bus tour for the Oak Ridge sites leaves from the American Museum of Science and Energy and is first come, first served.

QUESTION: Will additional properties be added to the park?

ANSWER: Properties eligible to be included in the park were named in the authorizing legislation. During and after site visits to the three locations, DOE and NPS have carefully considered which eligible DOE properties should be included in the park. Decisions on which facilities outside the DOE-managed areas will be included in the park will be determined as the agencies move through the subsequent planning processes, and after a public process that engages the local communities and interested parties.

QUESTION: Why are you creating a new park that celebrates the atomic bomb, an invention that caused incredible loss of life and left generations of world citizens to live in fear of nuclear annihilation?

ANSWER: The goal of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park is not to celebrate the atomic bomb, but to educate the public about the history and legacy of the Manhattan Project that created it. The park will do so by interpreting, preserving and providing access to the historical sites associated with the project. At numerous other national park sites, NPS professionally interprets complex and sometimes controversial parts of American history, including slavery, civil rights, the Civil War and massacres committed against Native Americans.

QUESTION: Why will both the Department of Energy and National Park Service manage the park together?

ANSWER: The National Park Service will bring unparalleled skill in interpretation, expertise in historic preservation, and a proven approach to providing visitor services. The Department of Energy will continue to ensure safe, public access to Park sites, and will continue to maintain and improve its historic facilities and required infrastructure to improve the visitor experience.

QUESTION: When will the Manhattan Project National Historical Park open?

ANSWER: The park was formally established in November of 2015. The National Park Service and Department of Energy have agreed on the initial properties that are included in the park and are working to enhance access. Currently there are opportunities to visit some of the Department of Energy facilities and historic sites in the surrounding communities to learn about the Manhattan Project. Go to the Plan Your Visit section to find out more about visiting the park.

QUESTION: Will the public have a say in how the new park is set up?

ANSWER: A team with members from both agencies visited with and received feedback from elected officials, stakeholder groups and interested individuals in Oak Ridge, Hanford and Los Alamos as the agreement that created the park was developed. The next step in park management will be the development of a foundation document in 2016. This document will identify the basic understanding of a park's resources, values, and history. Later, NPS will prepare additional plans that will lay out the full vision for the park, including proposed long-term access and operations. During both these planning process there will be opportunities for the public to comment.

QUESTION: Where will you locate park visitor centers and visitor contact stations?

ANSWER: We have not decided yet. Locations of NPS visitor centers and any other park facilities will be evaluates as part of the park planning process.

QUESTION: What are visitors able to see and do at Manhattan Project NHP?

ANSWER: The level and type of public access will vary among the three Manhattan Project NHP sites. Hanford and Oak Ridge have public tour programs in place today that can be expanded and enhanced. NPS and the Department of Energy are evaluating options for future public access to the Los Alamos site. Go to the Plan Your Visit section to find out more about visiting the park.

QUESTION: What is the operating budget for the Manhattan Project NHP?

The NPS and Department of Energy are evaluating the needs of the new park and will make an appropriate request to congress.

Last updated: November 7, 2021

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