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Black and white photo of a group of people with their backs to a wall full of photos.
Oak Ridge Journal Staff 1947



From photo galleries that share glimpses of life at Hanford, Los Alamos, and Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project to panoramic tours of historic sites that have limited or no public access there are many ways to peak behind the fence and learn more about this top-secret project. These digital resources will help bring history alive and provide you opportunities to learn about the Manhattan Project from the comfort of your own home.

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Photo Gallery

Look through our photo albums of yesterday and today.

A half black and white and half color sign that reads "Los Alamos Project Main Gate."

Enjoy videos that cover many aspects of the Manhattan Project.

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The NPS Mobile App

Find interactive maps, tours of park places, accessibility information, and much more to plan your Manhattan Project experience.

A photo of the same building half in black and white and half in color.
Before & After Photos

See what buildings looked like in the past and today.

A room inside a house with a wood floor, blue chairs, and a white ceiling with wood beams.
Panoramic Tours

Explore panoramic tours of places behind the fences and in the secret cities.

A white wall with many aligned holes and three mannequins.
Virtual Tours

Virtually visit Manhattan Project facilities with no or limited public access.

Black and white photo of three men and two women gathered around a microphone.
Oral Histories

Learn about the Manhattan Project from those who experienced it.

A wayside in a grassy area.
Waysides & Exhibits

Explore waysides & exhibit panels throughout the secret cities.

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Social Media

Learn more about our social media platforms and policy.

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