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The Manhattan Project National Historical Park has a visitor center in the three main communities of the Manhattan Project: Hanford, Washington; Los Alamos, New Mexico; and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. All three communities are designated as American World War II Heritage Cities to honor the contributions of these communities and their citizens who stepped into the workforce to support America's war effort during World War II.

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Our park is not a traditional park where you drive through an entrance gate into the park. Instead, you drive into our communities where you can explore the park visitor centers, historic sites, museums, points of interest, and so much more. Our park works with community partners to provide a variety of places that collectively share the story of the Manhattan Project.

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  • Hanford, Washington: Nuclear reactors at Hanford produced plutonium under the watchful eye of scientists and engineers.

  • Los Alamos, New Mexico: Leading scientists of the day convened in Los Alamos to design and build the atomic bombs.

  • Oak Ridge, Tennessee: Facilities tucked among the rolling hills of East Tennessee produced enriched uranium and housed the Manhattan Project headquarters.



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Manhattan Project NHP has three locations across the country including Hanford, Washington; Los Alamos, New Mexico; and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


Last updated: November 16, 2023

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