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Places to go in Mammoth Cave NP

Many visitors to Mammoth Cave National Park say, "We just want to see the Cave." But that's only half the story. The park's 52,800 acres feature dozens of unique places to go, whether to the gloomy underworld, the cool and languid river, or the shadow-dappled rolling hills. The short-list below will get you started.



Cedar Sink
There's a place where the earth opens a window into its inner secrets.

Turnhole Bend
The "turnhole", once used by riverboat pilots to turn around in the narrow river.
Pass through the Narrows and see why the Cave became known as Mammoth.
Green River Bluffs Overlook
The Green River valley opens before you from this bird's-perch view.
Engine No. 4
Workhorse of the old Mammoth Cave railroad.

Chief City
One room. Two acres. Only by lantern-light.

The Big Woods
A glimpse of the uncut forest of Old Kentucky.
Cave Island
Another world between the banks of Green River.
Sloan's Crossing Pond
Let the frogs serenade you at this uncommon watering hole.
Good Spring Church
A silent sanctuary that echoes memories of a past community.
River Styx Spring
The stygian waters of Mammoth Cave surface once again.
Sand Cave
The storied "lonely sandstone cave" where Floyd Collins met his fate.
Cathedral Domes
Towering beauties reward the hardy adventurer.
Frozen Niagara
Mammoth's most famous formation.

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