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Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park

The Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park, is the authorized non-profit fundraising partner with the Park. They work in cooperation with the National Park Service, to fund projects and programs that protect, preserve, and enhance the natural and cultural resources, and the visitor experience of Mammoth Cave National Park.

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The Mammoth Cave National Park Association

Dating back to 1924, The Mammoth Cave National Park Association was the original body of community members who formed to assist in the creation of Mammoth Cave National Park. Today, the non-profit MCNPA supports the park’s Environmental Education Program outreach for students and teachers.

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Mammoth Cave Biosphere Region Advisory Council

The Mammoth Cave Biosphere Region Advisory Council is comprised of individuals from the public and private sector whose mission is to encourage sustainable development in the Mammoth Cave region by protecting groundwater and improving the economic and cultural well-being of local people in a manner compatible with the internationally renowned karst landscape.

Learn more about Mammoth Cave Biosphere Region.

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Cave Research Foundation

The Cave Research Foundation (CRF) is a private, non-profit organization that supports Mammoth Cave through exploration, scientific discovery, and volunteerism. The CRF is dedicated to facilitating research, management and interpretation of caves and karst resources, forming partnerships to study, protect and preserve cave resources and karst areas, and promoting the long term conservation of caves and karst ecosystems.

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National Speleological Society

The National Speleological Society (NSS) is dedicated to furthering exploration, study and protection of caves and their environments, and fostering fellowship among cavers. The NSS completes volunteer restoration projects within the Mammoth Cave to help restore the cave environment and improve water health.

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Eastern National

The America’s National Parks™ Store at Mammoth Cave National Park is operated by Eastern National.

Eastern National is a 501(c)3 non-profit cooperating association, supporting the interpretive, educational, and scientific programs and services at national parks and public lands.

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ExplorUS is the in-park concessioner who provides commercial visitor services such as food, lodging, retail, and cave tour bus transportation at The Lodge at Mammoth Cave. The concessioner operates under an official concessions contract with the National Park Service.

Last updated: April 20, 2023

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