Keelie- Lewis and Clark Pups

toy dog at Lewis and Clark garden
Keelie at Crazy Mountain Museum in Montana
Hi there! I am a Newfoundland named Keelie and I’ll be making blog posts to tell you all about my trip as I follow along the Corps of Discovery’s trail! Since my ancestor is Seaman, the special dog who explored the west with Lewis, Clark, and crew, I will be following in his paw prints. He was a really important member of the crew, and it was a really important expedition he was on! The President himself sent the expedition out to explore our continent’s western waterways. President Jefferson of course wanted to know what the land was like, how the climate varied across the land, what types of plants and animals called it home, and what the people who were already living on it were like. This was to be a long journey, so Captain Lewis wanted to make sure that he was prepared! That included getting a formidable dog to accompany him and his crew; in came Seaman!

I hope to make him proud and show that being an explorer runs in this family’s blood! I love being in nature, with fresh air blowing across my yellow bandana, plants to smell, and places to wander about! Traveling 3,700 miles across the country, I know I will see a lot in nature on my trip - just like Seaman did! This is going to be a long trip...I’m going to go take a long nap so that I’m rested up and ready to go!

Talk soon!

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System five special (toy) dogs, the Lewis and Clark Pups, will travel in the paws of their ancestor Seaman, dog of Meriwether Lewis. The pups will travel more than 3,700 miles to complete their mission to commemorate and protect the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. They will be joined by Seaman Jr. who will complete his portion of the mission on the International Space Station.

As they make their stops they will be reporting back in on their adventures. Follow Rocky, Harper, Dakota, Keelieand Seaman Jr. at:

Keelie- Lewis and Clark Pups

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