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Sun, More Sun and a Bit of Rain

One of the many aspects of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area that continually draws visitors is its good weather. Many people come just to relax in the land of the sun. Refugees from states hit hard by winter's icy clutch often flee to this area to spend a mild winter. Sunbathers and water skiers spend summers here to toast in the 110F (43C) degree plus temperatures. The area generally has less than five inches of annual rainfall. Water temperatures may range from 45F (7C) to 85F (29C) degrees during winter and summer respectively.




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Average Temperatures in Boulder City, NV

Avg. Temp. Avg. Max. Temp. Avg. Min. Temp.
JANUARY 44 57 30
FEBRUARY 48 62 35
MARCH 55 69 40
APRIL 65 80 50
MAY 74 89 58
JUNE 82 98 66
JULY 89 105 72
AUGUST 87 103 71
SEPTEMBER 80 97 63
OCTOBER 67 83 50
NOVEMBER 53 68 37
DECEMBER 46 59 32


Two hikers walking through desert landscape surrounded by boulders and flowers.


Spring at Lake Mead is one of the most popular times of the year to visit. Due to warm and sunny days and the possibility of spring wildflowers, camping, hiking and fishing are a few of our most popular past times.

Average Temperature:

(April, May and June): Daytime highs reach 80-98F (27-37C) degrees. Nighttime lows reach 50-66F (10-19C) degrees.

Several boats and water crafts next to a pier with multiple people in swimwear on it.


With the summer reaching record temperatures, both Lake Mead and Lake Mohave become the central focus of most visitors. Enjoy a variety of water recreation activities in a rugged and picturesque setting.

Average Temperature:

(July, August and September): Daytime highs reach 89-103F (32-40C) degrees. Summer can be a dangerous time due to excessive heat. Some hiking trails are closed for public safety. Keep water on you at all times.

Two hikers walking next to giant red rocks.


With the possibility of warm and pleasant weather, campgrounds become more active and are usually packed with visitors from all over the globe. Reservations are recommended. Hiking seasons also starts up fresh with many trails reopening until summer.

Average Temperature:

(October, November and December): Daytime highs reach 59-83F (15-23C) degrees. Nighttime lows reach 32-50F (0-10C) degrees.

View of mountain with light dusting of snow.


With the occasional snowcapped mountain and spectacular winter sunsets, Lake Mead becomes the tourist destination for photographers, bikers and campers alike.

Average Temperature:

(January, February and March) Daytime highs reach 57-69F (14-21C) degrees. Nighttime lows reach 30-40F (-1-4C) degrees.


Last updated: September 3, 2020

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