Permits & Reservations

Two people canoeing on a lake with tall mountains in the background
Canoeing on Upper Twin Lake

NPS Photo/ K. Miller

Recreational Activities

You do not need to pay entrance fees, make reservations, or obtain permits from the National Park Service for any recreational activities in the park including backpacking, camping, river running, bear viewing, or visiting Dick Proenneke's cabin. However, reservations are required for staying at the two Public Use Cabins and can be obtained at

Anglers and hunters must possess a valid Alaska state hunting and/or fishing license and must comply with State of Alaska sport fishing regulations and sport hunting and trapping regulations.

Backcountry Trips

Parties venturing into the backcountry can give the park their trip itinerary and other important safety information, which can assist rangers with search and rescue operations in the event an overdue party is reported. Please note: The National Park Service does not track your progress through the park. We recommend you leave a copy of your itinerary with a friend or relative who can call the park if you do not return from your trip on time.

The voluntary backcountry registration form can be filed at the visitor center in Port Alsworth in-person or backcountry itineraries can be faxed to us at (907) 781-2119.

woman standing on mud flat photographing bear in distance.
Photography at Silver Salmon Creek

NPS Photo/ K. Lewandowski

Commerical Film and Still Photography Permits

Permits are required for commercial operations wishing to film within the boundaries of the park or preserve. Please contact the Chief Ranger to obtain a permit.
Phone: (907) 644-3647

For more information, please see the Commercial Filming & Still Photography page for guidance and FAQs.

Research and Collection Permits

Lake Clark is interested in working with researchers from a wide variety of organizations. Please contact the Chief of Natural Resources to discuss your project and obtain a permit.
Phone: (907) 781-2136

Doing Business in the Park

Appropriate permits are required in order for business and non-profit organizations to provide guide and other services within the boundaries of the park or preserve. This includes air taxi, bear viewing, sport fishing, big game transport, and more. Application forms, instructions, CUA fees, and stipulations by which CUA holders must operate can all be found on the Commercial Use Authorizations website for the Alaska Region. Please contact Lake Clark's Concessions Management Specialist with questions regarding the permit process.
Phone: (907) 226-4622


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