Sheep Camp

A ranger talks to a group of people in a campground
A park ranger trail updates hikers on trail conditions in one of the nightly presentations at Sheep Camp.

NPS photo/S. Millard

Sheep Camp is the last campground on the U.S. side of the trail before the trail summit. As a result it is a popular campsite in the peak summer months and can be fully booked. Sheep Camp is the location of the National Park Service backcountry ranger station. Each evening a ranger will do a presentation in the campground providing an update on current trail conditions, tips for the trail, and some history of the area. Learn about the history of Sheep Camp.


Mile marker: 13
Kilometer marker: 20.9
Site elevation: 1,058 ft

Campsites: 27 sites, most are wooden platforms, a few are on the ground. Platforms are 10ft x 10ft, have places to tie securing lines, and can be used for multiple tents.

Warming shelter: 2 canvas walled tents with wood burning stoves, more shelters coming later summer 2016

Food storage: bear boxes

Toilet: 3 composting outhouses

Water source: Taiya River located a short distance from the campground

Grey water disposal: pack out all food scraps, dispose of grey water into fast moving water to practice Leave No Trace

Notes: Sheep Camp has a ranger station near by and nightly trail condition briefings in the campground. Improvements and new facilities are scheduled for construction in 2016. Sharing facilities and hiker etiquette are essential all long the trail. Explore current weather conditions at Sheep Camp and Chilkoot Pass.

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Last updated: October 5, 2017

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