Happy Camp

Small buildings on low hill by water in mountain valley

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Happy Camp is the first campground after crossing the summit on the Canadian side (hiking south to north). Many hikers do not want to hike any farther after crossing the pass. As a result, Happy Camp is a popular and crowded campground in peak summer months.


Country: Canada
Mile marker: 20.5
Kilometer marker: 33
Site elevation: 2,950 ft

Campsites: 25 sites, wooden platforms

Warming shelter: 1 cabin (no wood stove)

Food storage: bear lockers

Toilet: 2 pit outhouses

Water source: Small body of water is located a short distance from the campground

Grey water disposal: pack out all food scraps, dispose of grey water into official grey water pits to practice Leave No Trace

Notes: This campground is in Canada and managed by Parks Canada.

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Last updated: October 1, 2018

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