A nanny and kid mountain goat stand together on a cliff side.
Mountain goats are just a few of the amazing animals which can be found here.

NPS Photo / M. Gray

The array and adaptability of Kenai Fjord’s creatures is astounding. A sheer mountain cliff is a trail to a 2 week old mountain goat. Birds here are notably better at swimming with their wings than using them in the air. Glacial ice is home sweet home to an ice worm. Whales take flying lessons and black bears enjoy sledding without equipment down steep snow chutes. It seems nearly magic but it is just nature at its most resourceful, adapting to the local extremes.


A total of 191 species of birds have been documented in the park and many pelagic (open sea) birds can be found in the waters or nesting on or near the park.

Land Mammals

The following land mammals can be found at Kenai Fjords National Park: black bear, brown bear, beaver, coyote, mountain goat, river otter, snowshoe hare, little brown bat, lynx, hoary marmot, marten, mink, moose, meadow jumping mouse, northern bog lemming, porcupine, shrew (5 species), red squirrel, vole (4 species), short-tailed weasel, gray wolf, and wolverine.

Marine Mammals

The following can be found in the waters and coast line near Kenai Fjords National Park: sea otter, Dall's porpoise, harbor porpoise, Steller sea lion, harbor seal, orca (killer whale), fin whale, gray whale, humpback whale, minke whale, and sei whale.

In addition, the following marine mammals are on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's threatened or endangered species list: humpback whale, sei whale, gray whale, and Steller sea lion.


Last updated: April 11, 2018

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