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Kenai Fjords National Park is open year-round; however, the road to Exit Glacier is closed to cars for the winter months and much of the spring. Snow at higher elevations on the Harding Icefield trail can persist into mid-summer. It is always a good idea to check on current conditions before setting out.

This site is updated regularly to reflect the latest conditions, as is the Recorded Information Line at 907-422-0573. If needed, contact the park headquarters directly at (907) 422-0500, during normal business hours.

This page was updated on 11/22/17.


Road to Exit Glacier (Herman Leirer Road):

The Herman Leirer Road is CLOSED to automobile traffic at the first gate, approximately 2 miles from the Seward Highway. Pavement is still showing for the first mile or so, with increasing amounts of snow closer to Exit Glacier.

The Exit Glacier Nature Center is currently closed for the season. There is currently no running water available. Pit toilets are available throughout the off season. Ranger-led programs will be available next summer.

The Exit Glacier Area is currently not open to snowmachine use. Before opening, a combination of factors such as snow depth, snow structure, and the characteristics of the vegetation in the area are considered.
The front section of Exit Glacier is surrounded by a red line, signifying the ice fall hazard zone. It is made up of tall blocks of ice covered in snow.
For your safety, please obey all posted signs and avoid the ice fall hazard area.
Note: An ice fall hazard zone has been identified at the toe and sides of Exit Glacier, due to tall blocks and slabs of ice. For your safety, entry into this zone is prohibited. Please do not continue past ice fall hazard zone signs.

Harding Icefield Trail (and winter route):

The trail is OPEN.
  • Winter route update:
    • Snow exists at all elevations making travel more challenging and possibly icy. Traction devices are recommended. Snow may be significant at higher elevations, making route finding difficult. This route is not marked during the winter.
    • Avalanche conditions may exist at higher elevations making travel dangerous. Proper training and preparation are necessary.
  • Trails are open to foot traffic only, no bikes or pets.
  • This is a long and strenuous hike and proper preparation is important. Trail and weather conditions can change over the course of a day. Be prepared, and make sure to have food and water, extra clothes, sturdy footwear, and rain gear.
  • Hikers should be prepared for a wide range of conditions, including wet, mud, rain/snow and rockfall.
  • Harding Icefield Trail - map

Trails near the Exit Glacier Nature Center:
All trails are OPEN.

  • Trails may have some snow and are potentially icy. Traction devices are recommended, especially on the paved path.
  • Trails are open to foot traffic only, no bikes or pets.
  • "Trails of Exit Glacier" - map

Alaska 511:
Alaska's Department of Transportation website will continuously update the driving conditions on the state's highways. The Seward Highway (AK-9) is the only road that provides access to Kenai Fjords National Park.

Last updated: November 22, 2017

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