The National Park Service welcomes people with disabilities. The links below provide information about specific facilities, programs and services that you can jump to which may help you better plan your visit. If a particular service or issue is not mentioned below, such as alternate formats for print materials, audio description, assistive listening, captions, or physical access to particular facilities, programs or services, please contact the park. Please review the information below and call the site at 617-566-7937 or email us before your visit to discuss how we may accommodate your needs. Service animals are welcome. Read a definition of "service animal."



The paths and Visitor Center of John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site are wheelchair accessible. Accessibility to the basement Visitor Center for those with limited mobility and/or those in wheelchairs is provided by an exterior lift at the rear of the house. This provides full access to the Visitor Center and an accessible restroom.

The exhibit rooms on the first and second floors of the historic house are not wheelchair accessible, and house tours require moderate periods of standing and walking. The first floor is accessed by climbing six exterior porch stairs with handrails or 13 interior basement stairs with a handrail. The second floor is accessed by climbing an interior staircase with 15 steps, which are somewhat steep and turn abruptly near the top. The second floor has a narrow hallway; walkers are not permitted on the second floor of historic home.

Seating is available in the visitor center and on the front porch.

Online virtual tours – available on the park website or in the NPS App – include images and information on the first and second floor rooms, with interpretation provided through the lens of Rose Kennedy and through rangers’ narration. At the site, a ranger can present a guided tour of the home via photographs and audio recordings made by the president's mother in the backyard or visitor center.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Deaf/Hearing Loss

Printed Information:

A variety of brochures are available describing the site, lives of the Kennedy family members and other topics. Visitors may also read a narrative similar to the tour presented by rangers and a transcript of the park film.

ASL Interpretation:

ASL Interpretation is available via Massachusetts Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Please contact the site at 617-566-7937 at least 14 days prior to your visit to request an ASL interpreter.


Blind/Low Vision

Touch Objects:

Limited touch objects are available inside the historic home.

Audio Tours:

Two audio tours of the historic home and one of the neighborhood are available to all visitors. One house tour is narrated by Mrs. Kennedy, the president's mother; the other, by a ranger. The neighborhood tour is narrated by a ranger. Find virtual audio tours on the park website or in the NPS App.

Site Brochure:

The park brochure is available in several formats designed to increase its accessibility to low vision visitors, including an audio described version. A Braille edition of the park brochure is available by request at the Visitor Center desk.

Last updated: January 4, 2024

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