Cell Phone Tour

Our cell phone tour is hosted by OnCell and is also available by dialing 617-992-9172, normal usage rates apply.

Tour options include:

  • a house tour from the President's mother, Rose Kennedy
  • a house tour by a Park Ranger
  • house tours in Spanish, German, Japanese, and French
  • a tour of the Brookline neighborhood where the President grew up


Joel Veak.  Courtesy of NPS, John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Histoirc Site. 


"There on the stove you see the bean pot. We always ate Boston baked beans on Saturday night. Warmed over for Sunday morning breakfast they were perfectly delicious with brown bread. Everyone had their special recipe for Boston baked beans and piccalilli which was usually served with them."

- Mrs. Rose Kennedy, audio tour of John F. Kennedy National Historic Site

Last updated: November 10, 2020

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