Field Trips at the Barataria Preserve

Girls look for insects in a pan of water
There's always something interesting to see at the Barataria Preserve!

At the Barataria Preserve in Marrero near Crown Point, students can enjoy field trips on the trails, to the visitor center, to the preserve's Environmental Education Center, or all three!

Your group can visit the preserve on their own or you can request a ranger-led program. Please note that all ranger-led field trip space for April and May 2017 is full. You are welcome to bring your group and explore the preserve on your own (admission is free). See below for activities that your group can do on its own at the preserve. Please call the preserve at 504-689-3690 ext. 25 about your group's plans whether or not you plan to request a ranger program; this will allow us to alert you to possible other large groups visiting the preserve on the same day you are planning to come.

Follow these links for

  • curriculum-based programs at the preserve (includes curriculum-based material that you can also use in your classroom)
  • scouting programs at the preserve
  • Explore Nature video shares how to collect insects from waterways, plants, and more. From safety tips (for you AND the insects) to where to look for insects, spiders, and little critters of all kinds, the eight-minute video has useful information for field trips to the Barataria Preserve if collecting insects will be part of your visit. You can also use the information in the video to collect insects in schoolyard projects and other programs. Note that when you click on the video link, you'll get a message that you're leaving the National Park Service; that's because the video lives on a different server.
  • iNaturalist - the iNaturalist app has been used by Barataria Preserve field trip students, park managers, and people everywhere to record findings. You can upload photos and observations to a database that's available online worldwide. Note that when you click on the iNaturalist link, you'll get a message that you're leaving the National Park Service; that's because iNaturalist is not a National Park Service app.

Follow these links for curriculum materials:

For a fun activity for your self-guided group when exploring the preserve trails, try Barataria Bingo! Download the pdf and see what you can see and hear at the preserve.

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