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They came, they created, they inspired.

National parks have been the source of inspiration for well-known artists, such as Thomas Moran, Albert Bierdstadt, and Frank Dudley, who have visually depicted the cultural and natural treasures of our great American heritage. These beautiful works are cherished by park visitors and for future generations. Indiana Dunes National Park invites you to become a part of this legacy in our two week Artist-in-Residence Program.

The Artist-in-Residence program at Indiana Dunes offers professional artists the opportunity to live in the park for two weeks to create art that helps generate appreciation and support for the national park. In exchange, the artist provides a public engagement and donates a piece of art created during their stay.

Artist Caroline Goldsmith sums her time spent here.

“Residency work is very different to commission work or good paintings done in studio or Plein Air etc. With residencies comes a freedom to challenge and explore more because of less distractions and coveted time. The walls we experience in everyday life are gone. A reflection of where you are at in every way is reflected right back at you. So you have an artist in shifted focus."


2024 Artist-in-Residence Submissions Now Closed

Artist-in-Residence submission timeframe for 2024 is now closed. Please check back here early next year for a chance to begin your journey to becoming part of the legacy of the Indiana Dunes National Park Artist-in-Residence program.

Are you interested in our Artist-in-Residence program? Join our Facebook group named the Indiana Dunes Artist-in-Residence Muse, which includes AIR news, updates, and even art renderings from past AIR participants and are current members of the group.


Past Artists-in-Residence

Click here to view the gallery of past Artists' donated works.


Art of the Dunes

Take a brief virtual tour of some of our Artist-in-Residence program participants and the actual park locations where their residing art’s inspiration might have blossomed. Also, watch a short video highlighting some Artist-in-Residence paintings on display at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center. Please note: Paintings on display are subject to change without notice. Call ahead at (219) 395-1882.

How to Apply for the Volunteer Program

  1. Create a profile and apply for this opportunity at
  2. Type "Indiana Dunes National Park" in the search field and look for this opportunity.
  3. Click Apply 
  4. Once you have completed the on-line application process from , your completed application will be reviewed by a hiring official and compared with other applications for the same volunteer job.
  5. The volunteer program office will contact you directly if you are being considered for a volunteer position.

  6. If selected, more information about the volunteer position, uniform, etc. will be sent to you.
  7. For any questions, contact the volunteer program office by calling (219) 221-7098 or sending us an email. 

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Last updated: May 2, 2024

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