2009 Artist-In-Residence Images

Black and white photo looking out from top of trail at Goat Rock; foliage surrounds three sides with a central opening to faintly see a mountain in the distance.
"Vista on Goat Rock, Top of the Trail"
Silver gelatin print

Beverly Buys, May 2009 Artist-In-Residence

Composite of Rod Northcutt animal paintings, cardinal, deer, squirrel, turtle, pileated woodpecker
Cardinal, white-tail deer, gray squirrel, three-toed box turtle, and pileated woodpecker

Rod Northcutt, August 2009 Artist-In-Residence

side view and top view of basket. Center is ceramic base of rust and clay color. Woven seagrass primarily natural color with areas of green extending upward.
"Natural Hot Springs"
Basket made of seagrass and rafia with stoneware base

Donna Dunnahoe, September 2009 Artist-In-Residence

painting with blues, purples, red and burnt orange colors with vertical and horizontal linear separations of color, also an arc. Throughout the colored areas are white triangles which bleed to another below it.
"Ancient Springs"

Hugh Dunnahoe, October 2009 Artist-In-Residence


Previous Residencies

The park initiated the Artist-In-Residence program in 2004 and it has been quite successful. Here you can see the artwork donated to the park by the participating artists:

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