2008 Artist-In-Residence Images

watercolor picture of open display springs at Hot Springs National Park. Central is a cave-looking structure, formed by rock on the surface. Light blue water flows into a lower pool. Also flowing into the lower pool is water from a spring on the left. Around the pools is a rose colored surface. Surrounding the springs is green with small brown tree stems and pastel pink and orange
Open Springs

Millie Steveken, April 2008 Artist-In-Residence

brown serpentine shape with concentric brown lines on either side representing the stream. clusters of small green brush touches on top center, mid right and lower left corner represent leaves
Gulpha Creek

Kerry St. Laurent, May 2008 Artist-In-Residence

Water color paining of corner of bath stall, showing white chair on left with Fordyce bath towel haning on on it and on right, the edge of a tub with a clock sitting on the edge
Bathing Beauty

Jo Anne Doshier, June 2008 Artist-In-Residence

Tinted photo of a young girl with long blond hair standing in a stream; her head is back in laughter. Behind her is a bridge and treeslining the stream. The girl is wearing a pink top and white shorts.
Caroline at Gulpha Creek

David Corbell, July 2008 Artist-In-Residence

Painting of the bronze eagles, side by side, and the tops of the limestone pylons on which they are mounted, at the former formal entrance to the park on Bathhouse Row. The eagles have a blue patina; there is a partly cloudy sky for the background.
The Eagles

Elise McWilliams, August 2008 Artist-In-Residence

Watercolor painting of a green hillside with three green boxes sticking up out of the grass (spring boxes) in the foreground, a red brick patch with a black fence on the outside edge and a building top rising out of the hillside, white with a gray roof
Spring Boxes

Jeanne Kosfeld, September 2008 Artist-In-Residence

Watercolor painting of the upper northern end of the Ozark Bathhouse and the southern end of the Quapaw Bathhouse, flying the American flag. Sky is light blue light green tree is at north end of Quapaw.
Return of Old Glory

Diane Rubacha, October 2008 Artist-In-Residence


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