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Lodging choices in Grand Teton National Park are varied providing a range of accommodations. Choose from a modern hotel or motel type room, lodging in a rustic cabin or even a tent cabin. Learn more about lodging choices in the park.


During the summer there are five front-country campgrounds to choose from in Grand Teton National Park and one in the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway. Most are available on a first-come, first-served basis, although reservations can be made for group camping, the Colter Bay RV Park and the Headwaters Campground and RV Sites at Flagg Ranch. Campgrounds may fill during the summer with the smallest campgrounds (Jenny Lake and Signal Mountain) usually filling first, and the largest campgrounds (Colter Bay and Gros Ventre) not filling or filling last.

For campground status, contact entrance stations or visitor centers. Additional camping facilities are available in nearby national forest and other adjacent areas. Camping is not permitted within the park along roadsides, in overlooks or in parking areas. Doubling up in campsites is not permitted and there are no overflow facilities.

Public Showers
The only campgrounds with public shower facilities in the park and parkway are Colter Bay, Signal Mountain and Headwaters at Flagg Ranch.

Winter Camping
Park campgrounds are closed during the winter. Primitive winter camping is allowed on the parking lot next to the Colter Bay Visitor Center from December 1 to April 15. A $5 permit can be obtained by paying the fee at the self-pay station by the visitor center restroom.

Learn more about camping in the park and find a list of the park's campgrounds.

Backcountry Camping
For backcountry camping information visit our Backcountry Camping page.


Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Picnic Areas

There are a variety of restaurants located throughout the park and parkway. Restaurant locations are listed below.

Dornans Chuck Wagon, summer only, 307-733-2415 x203,
Dornans Pizza and Pasta Co., year-round except November, 307-733-2415 x204,

North Jenny Lake
Jenny Lake Lodge, summer only, 307-733-4647,

Signal Mountain
Peaks Dining Room, summer only, 307-543-2831,
Trapper Grill, summer only, 307-543-2831,

Jackson Lake Lodge
Mural Room, summer only, 307-543-2811,
Pioneer Grill, summer only, 307-543-2811,
Blue Heron Lounge, summer only, 307-543-2811,

Colter Bay
Ranch House, summer only, 307-543-2811,
Cafe Court, summer only, 307-543-2811,

Leeks Marina
Leeks Pizzeria, summer only, (307) 543-2494,

Flagg Ranch
Headwaters Lodge, summer only, 307-543-2861, Sheffields Restaurant,


Grocery Stores

Dornans Trading Post, year-round except November, 307-733-2415 x201,

South Jenny Lake
Jenny Lake General Store, summer only,

Signal Mountain
Signal Mountain Convenience Store, summer only, 307-543-2831,

Colter Bay
Colter Bay General Store, summer only, 307-543-2811,
Colter Bay Convenience Store, summer only, 307-543-2811,

Flagg Ranch
Headwaters Lodge Convenience Store, summer and winter only, 307-543-2861,


Picnic Areas

Grand Teton National Park has 10 picnic areas, while the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Park has one picnic area. The only picnic areas that allow open fires are String Lake/Leigh Lake and Colter Bay. Fires at these picnic areas must be contained in the existing metal fire grates and are not allowed fire restrictions are in place. For locations of picnic areas in the park and parkway please refer to a park map.

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