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Few landscapes in the world are as striking and memorable as that of Grand Teton National Park. Grand Teton has a lot to offer whatever your interests. Mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and skies are home to diverse and abundant forests, wildflowers and wildlife. The park also has a rich cultural history with old homesteads and cattle ranches to explore and photograph. Walk on a trail built by the Civilian Conservation Corps or one that American Indians or fur trappers might have used in the 1820s. Ride a bike or paddle a canoe. There is something for everyone.

Whatever your interests Grand Teton has something for you. Let this page be the beginning of your adventure!

Plan Your Visit to Grand Teton

Explore any of the following web pages for more information on:

Visitors reading a park sign

Basic Information on visiting the park along with numerous useful links. This page provides the essential information that you need to plan any trip to Grand Teton. Gives Directions to the park, information about Fees & Passes, Operating Hours & Seasons, and how to Contact Us.

Ranger showing a visitor a brochure
Our Things To Do page provides information on our Visitor Centers, Outdoor Activities, Ranger Programs, Nearby Attractions, and Concessioner Activities. For more information on things to do check out the Grand Teton App. Visit our calendar of events page.
Grand Teton National Park entrance sign

Directions on how to get to Grand Teton. Grand Teton National Park is located in northwestern Wyoming; north of the town of Jackson, Wyoming and south of Yellowstone National Park. Route suggestions are given from Salt Lake City and Denver, along with shuttle service information and a list of nearby airports. Find directions to the park.

Park visitor entering Jenny Lake Visitor Center

Operating Hours and Seasons - Grand Teton National Park is open twenty-four hours every day, year-round. Seasonal road closures may limit auto access to some areas in the park during the winter. Operating hours of visitor centers and other facilities vary depending on the season. In winter services are limited. Learn more about operating hours and seasons.

Cars stopped at the Moose entrance station

Fees and Passes - The entrance fee for the park is $35 for a private noncommercial vehicle; $30 for a motorcycle; or $20 for each visitor 16 years and older entering by foot, bicycle, ski, etc. These fees provide the visitor with a 7-day entrance permit for Grand Teton National Park, the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway only. Yellowstone National Park has a separate entrance fee. Remember to keep your admission receipt in order to re-enter during the week. There is a variety of Annual or Lifetime Passes as possible alternatives to the above fees. Learn more about Fees and Passes.

Jackson Lake Lodge

Lodging choices in Grand Teton National Park are varied, providing a range of accommodations. Choose from a modern hotel or motel type room, lodging in a historic cabin or even tent cabin. Learn more about lodging choices in the park.

There are also a variety of choices for places to find something to eat in the park. Choose from a number of restaurants, grocery stories and picnic areas. Learn more about places to eat in the park.

Tent in park campground
Camping - Six campgrounds operate within the park and parkway during the summer. Most are available on a first-come, first-served basis, although reservations can be made for group camping, the Colter Bay RV Park and the Headwaters Campground and RV Sites at Flagg Ranch. Learn more about campgrounds in the park.
There is also camping in the park's backcountry. Learn more about backcountry camping in the park.
Clouds partially covering the Grand Teton

Weather - This page provides links to weather forecasts and climate information. Find out what to expect in the way of weather during your trip. This page lists high, low and average temperatures for the park and the amount of precipitation that may be likely during your trip. Learn more about weather in the park.

Labrador retriever
Pets are allowed in the park in the front country in areas accessible to cars and some other limited areas. Pets are not allowed on trails, in the backcountry, in visitor centers, or on the Multi-use Pathway and must be leashed at all time. These regulations are in place to keep your pet safe and to protect wildlife, other visitors and the unique wilderness environment of the park. Learn more about pets in the park.
Two park visitors talking to a ranger in a wheelchair

Accessibility - Information on accessible trails, lodging and facilities can be found here. The park seeks to provide memorable opportunities for people of all abilities and interests. Find more about accessibility options in the park.

Cars on the Teton Park Road

Road Information - Contains road construction updates and contact information for current road status in and around the park. Also contains links for road information for Yellowstone National Park and the state of Wyoming. Learn more about road conditions and possible road construction in the park and surrounding region.

Two park visitors talking to a park ranger

Your Safety is important to us. Find helpful tips and guidelines for enjoying a safe visit to the park. Find information on viewing wildlife safely; on hiking, camping, and recreating in bear country; how to minimize your chance of being struck by lightning and other safety concerns. Find out more about ways to stay safe in the park.

Visitor completing Lost & Found report with ranger

Lost & Found - Find out how to complete a lost property report or on how to return a found item to the owner. Learn more about Lost & Found procedures in the park.


Trip Planners
The following trip planners may also be helpful:

A group of people in a raft on the Snake River

Trip Planner page contains links to all the web pages and information that you will need to plan a memorable vacation in Grand Teton National Park. Find out what information is in the Trip Planner. There are also Trip Planners available for each of the park districts - Moose District Trip Planner, Jenny Lake Trip Planner, Colter Bay Trip Planner, Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Trip Planner.

A list of current and future events can be found on our calendar page.

Mount Moran and autumn colors reflected in the Oxbow of the Snake River

Autumn in the Tetons highlights one of the park's most vibrant and dynamic seasons. A provision from the 1950 park legislation allows a limited elk reduction program in the fall. Learn more about Autumn in the Tetons.

A ranger leading visitors on snowshoes

Winter Trip Planner provides information useful when visiting the park during the longest season - winter. Find out about winter activities, seasonal road closures, and safety information. Learn more about winter in the Tetons.


For More Information

For additional information pickup a Grand Teton Guide while in the park, download the Grand Teton App, or a variety of Park Brochures. There are many brochures available for your trip planning and to help you learn about park resources. Some brochures are also available in Spanish and other languages.

Visit our online store for books, maps, and guides to the park. Operated by the nonprofit Grand Teton Association, store proceeds directly benefit Grand Teton National Park.


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