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325.5 million visits to national parks in 2023, 3.4 million visits at Grand Teton

Visitors taking photos of the Teton Range atop Signal Mountain in Grand Teton National Park

NPS Photo/K. Grossman

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News Release Date: February 27, 2024

Contact: C.J. Adams, 307-739-3431

The National Park Service recently announced that 400 national park units reported a total of 325.5 million recreation visits in 2023, an increase of 13 million or 4% over 2022.  

Grand Teton National Park hosted 3,417,106 recreation visits in 2023, a 22% increase from 2022. In recent years, Grand Teton has experienced changing visitation trends. Recreation visits in 2023 are most similar to the number of visits in 2019. While 2019 and 2023 had similar overall numbers in visitation, how that visitation occurred throughout the year was different. In 2019, Grand Teton had higher levels of visitation in the summer, with peak months being June, July, and August; while in 2023 the peak months shifted later in the year to July, August, and September (see graph below). 

As part of ongoing monitoring in the park, data was collected from eight trail counters at key summer destinations, which cumulatively showed an estimated 34% increase in trail use over the last 10 years. This increase indicates a higher proportion of visitors using the park’s trail system. Learn more about visitation statistics in Grand Teton and other National Park Service sites at

2019 & 2023 Monthly Recreation Visit Comparison

The National Park Service continues to learn more about visitors and visitation at Grand Teton. A Socioeconomic Research Study of Grand Teton National Park was conducted to help develop a better understanding of who visits Grand Teton and what they do during their visit. Results from the study indicate that Grand Teton welcomed visitors from nearly all 50 states during the summer sampling period, with only 5% of visitors being permanent residents of the local area. Respondents reported the most important reasons for their visit to Grand Teton as viewing wildlife and natural scenery (52%) and spending time with family and friends (26%). Nearly all respondents reported viewing scenery, natural features, etc., (98%) as an activity they participated in during their visit, while a majority reported viewing wildlife (87%), driving for pleasure and hiking (66%). Learn more about the study and visitor use and experience in Grand Teton at

In addition to the study, park staff also conducted broader civic engagement to ask the general public for their input on how they visit the park and what their experiences have been. The park received 446 comments from 45 different states and 4 different countries. Important experiences in the park were varied, from recreation to nature experiences. Some important experiences mentioned many times by commenters were similar to what respondents of the socioeconomic study reported and included: wildlife viewing, hiking, the peace and quiet of the park, scenic views including the mountain range itself, and solitude. When prompted about any challenging parts of visiting Grand Teton, some points mentioned by commentors included: finding lodging that is not too expensive, the park was too crowded, long lines at entrance stations, and not enough parking at trailheads and in the park in general. Park staff will reach out to the public again this summer regarding desired future conditions for visitor use and experience at the park.

Visitors planning to experience the stunning beauty of Grand Teton National Park in 2024 are encouraged to make a #GrandPlan and learn how to plan like a park ranger by visiting our list of the top 10 tips you should know before visiting the park at Plan ahead, recreate responsibly, help preserve this landscape for generations to come, and become a steward for this iconic place.

Last updated: February 27, 2024

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