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  • A gray mule deer face with long lashes.
    Mule Deer Migration

    Mule deer migrate from the park in multiple directions to winter habitats encountering numerous challenges.

  • A gray colored wolf walks through the sagebrush.
    Gray Wolf Monitoring

    Gray wolves established home ranges inside Grand Teton National Park after being absent for over 70 years.


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Prospective Researchers
Researchers from near and far submit proposals to conduct studies in the park. These projects are reviewed for their suitability to a national park. Apply to conduct research through the National Park Service Research Permit and Reporting System.

Boyd Evison Graduate Research Fellowship

This graduate research fellowship honors Boyd Evison, one of the National Park Service's greatest leaders in support of expanding scientific knowledge to help shape management decisions and maintain uncompromised native resources. The Evison Fellowship encourages scientific and conservation-related research in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, providing up to $10,000 in support for work leading to completion of a master's or PhD degree in the biosciences, geosciences, or social sciences. Learn more about the Evison Fellowship, past projects, and how to apply.

Last updated: March 29, 2023

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