White Nose Syndrome Video

Researcher holding a northern long-earred bat
A researcher holds a Northern Long-eared Bat captured during surveys of bat populations in the park.

Ann Froschauer

Bats are an essential part of a healthy ecosystem. However a newly discovered disease, white-nose syndrome, is devastating bat populations across the eastern United States, killing millions of bats, and threatening extinction for several species of these beneficial creatures.

The fungus suspected of causing the disease was found on bats hibernating in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the spring of 2010. Watch the short video below to learn what the park is doing to help bats in the Smokies.

Please visit these links for additional information about white-nose syndrome, the discovery of the fungus in the park and cave closures in the Smokies. You can also view a video about what the National Park Service is doing to protect bats.


Last updated: April 14, 2015

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