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Modern facsimile of a traditional Ojibwe village with visitors resting on a bench in the foreground.
Visitors at the Ojibwe Village

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Grand Portage National Monument is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as nationally significant for its, "…association with the fur trade and exploration and colonization of the northwest, its historic/geographic link between the United States and Canada, and its excellent state of preservation in a semi-wilderness setting."

The monument preserves 710 acres which includes: the historic depot (71 acres) located on Lake Superior, the site of Fort Charlotte (98 acres) on the Pigeon River with the Grand Portage (541 acres) connecting the two depots. The 8.5 mile portage corridor and Fort Charlotte (639 acres) contain the majority of the Monument's semi-wilderness setting.

All activities begin within walking distance of the Heritage Center parking lot.


Activities for a Half Day

  • Several canoes carrying people in historic clothing land on a beach.
    Rendezvous with History

    Watch our park film online in English or Anishinaabemowin.

  • Display cases containing cultural aritifacts.
    Explore the Museum

    The Heritage Center holds displays about the fur trade and Anishinaabe culture. Check to see if there is an exhibit on the second floor.

  • Passport books and a date stamp and stamp pad.
    Stamp Your NPS Passport

    You will find a cancellation stamp with the date of your visit at the Heritage Center front desk.

  • Uniformed NPS ranger with right hand raised facing a child in blue clothes with right hand raised.
    Be a Junior Ranger!

    Junior Rangers have fun discovering history, while learning about why we need to protect the special treasures found in our National Parks.

  • Audience on benches sitting under hanging canoes, watching a costumed educator.
    Attend a Program

    Stop by the Heritage Center for a list of today's programs.

  • Reconstructed historic wood buildings set on a green lawn, fenced by a palisade, in front of a bay.
    Wander the Depot

    Take time to walk through the historical fur trade and learn about the people who made it possible.


For a Full Day or More, Add these


Winter Activities

  • Historic wood frame snowshoes leaning against a bannister.
    Borrow Some Snowshoes

    Ask at the front desk to check out a pair of historic snowshoes for the day. Explore the snowy Depot area.

  • A snowy forest trail tracked by skis.
    Ski Gichi Onigaming

    Be prepared to break trail as you ski uphill on the historic Grand Portage Trail. 1.5 miles one way from the Depot to new Highway 61.

  • Structures made of leaning tree poles in a snowy landscape.
    Walk the Grounds

    Welcome to winter! Wear sturdy footwear and warm clothing to walk the snowy grounds along the lake or hike to the top of Mount Rose.


Trip Planning at Grand Portage National Monument

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