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Hike Grand Portage Trails

Grand Portage National Monument

A person carrying a large box held in place with a head strap.
Hike like a voyageur!

NPS photo / S. Layton

Grand Portage National Monument

A map showing a temporary trailhead for the Grand Portage Trail. Additional alternative text below.
A temporary trailhead is at the Fire Hall on Store Road.

NPS Graphic / B. Clayton

Temporary Grand Portage Trailhead

Construction/road realignment on Mile Creek Road scheduled to begin May 28, 2024, closed the Grand Portage Trailhead at the Historic Depot near Lake Superior.

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A map of the location of the crossing. Additional alternative text below.

Flooding on the Grand Portage Trail at Poplar Creek.

Increased rain and beaver dam activity this year flooded the Poplar Creek Crossing along the Grand Portage Trail. Please use caution as you pass through the water. Park staff is in the process of determining a drier route.

A stone restraining wall in front of a view of a bay.
Hike Mount Rose

Hike to the top of Mount Rose for a view of Grand Portage Bay and a bird's eye look at the reconstructed North West Company Depot.

A low water river with rocks showing above the water, passing through a forest.
Explore the Grand Portage Footpath

Walk the trail year-round between Lake Superior and the Pigeon River. See the path made famous by the fur trade.

Last updated: June 20, 2024